Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Filters Water Filtration System

The experienced professionals at AAA Water Team have been providing quality products and services to residential homes and commercial business since 1983. With over 30 years in the industry, we have provided quality repair, service and installation of high-quality American made water purification equipment to homes and businesses in Lee and Collier County and surrounding areas. We are the leading innovators when it comes to researching and introducing new products that are designed to increase the purity of the water in your home. One of these products is the Iron & H2S water filtration system that is specially designed to remove iron, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide (h2s) along with containing a bacterial agent that is specifically designed to provide you with safe water.

Smelly Rotten Egg Odor in Water

If your water has an odor that resembles rotten eggs, your kitchen sink and bathtubs have red stains or if you need extra soap to clean your dishes or wash your hair you have large amounts of sulfur and iron in your water supply. An Iron and H2S water filtration system can effectively remove iron and sulfur along with hydrogen sulfide (h2s) to provide your home with clean, fresh water that has no odor or after taste.

Health Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide & Iron in Water

If your water supply is left untreated, minerals including sulfur and iron can cause staining in sinks, tubs, and clothing and can also clog your pipes and shorten the lifespan of your dishwasher, washing machine and hot water heater costing you your hard earned money to maintain or replace your appliances before their time.

Water Softeners Work in Unity With Iron & H2S Filters!

Water Softeners effectively eliminate the effects of hard water, but when combined with the Iron and H2S water filtration system, we can also eliminate iron and remove the effects of h2s from your water supply. Soft water that is iron and odor free provides your home or business with a difference that you can, see, taste and feel.
Bathroom – never worry about iron stains or odors that smell like rotten eggs ever again. Your personal hygiene products will lather better and your hair and skin will feel softer and noticeably cleaner. When combined with a water softener, you water will be clean and pure without the worry and frustration of mineral deposits on your tubs, sinks, showers and toilets.
Laundry – Once iron and h2s has been removed from your water, your clothes will be both whiter and brighter. You will also increase the life of your clothing, towels and sheets and preserve the life expectancy of your washing machine. When combined with a water softener your clothes will also feel luxurious and soft to the touch
Kitchen – no more iron stains in your sink and you will also experience odor free water when running your water for cooking, drinking or cleaning up. Your dishes will be easier to clean and when combined with our water softener, your dishes will also be free of spots and film caused by water that contains unwanted mineral buildup

Iron & H2S Water Filtration Systems

Our revolutionary Iron & H2S water filtration system is designed to store a bubble of air which is compressed by the well pressure in the media tank. As the water passes through the air bubble, the iron and other minerals are converted and trapped by a catalytic filter in your tank. The generated air bubble is then consumed by the passing water. The unit essentially back washes to remove any trapped iron particles. The system is designed to replenish the air bubble by drawing in air and emptying the tank of water while transferring the oxygen molecules onto the surface of the media tank where the oxidation process occurs. Once complete, the system will return to the service position and begin the filtration process over to ensure that you have fresh, clean, odor free water all day long.

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