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Questions to Ask when Buying & Moving to a House with Well Water in Cape Coral, FL

There are two types of water sources that you can have at your home. They each are different and have their own pros and cons. The first type of water is if you are on the water that is supplied through the city or county. The water is taken from a water source and treated […]

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How to Avoid Hot Water Heater Calcium & Sediment Build Up Problems in Lehigh Acres, FL

Increasing the lifespan of any appliance is always bonus, but ensuring they are well-kept to have them operating accordingly through their projected lifespan is the goal. Hard water problems on many of your appliances can be a detriment and cut down the lifespan. The water heater, for example, is a major appliance that can be […]

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Troubleshooting Well Pump Problems in North Naples, FL After Power Outage, Low Water Supply & More

Often when a water pump fails or breaks down you will experience poor water pressure, no water flow, or your pump may run continuously. Wells can be a little tricky when it comes to determining what may be causing the various problems you encounter. Sometimes when the water flow stops, it can be due to […]

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Florida Drinking Water Quality in Estero, FL; Warnings of Bacteria & Contamination

In recent years Florida’s water quality has been threatened with a number of contaminants. These contaminants in the water have been connected with cancer, children developmental problems and pregnancy complications. Contaminants have been discovered in hundreds of water utilities across Florida. This is a serious concern for many residences which is why AAA Water Team […]

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How to Avoid Dehydration & Drink More Water in Hot Weather in Bonita Springs, FL

The weather changes from the cold of the winter months quickly into the heat of the summer. The change is always welcome because the cold seems to linger for so long. Although the warm summer months are great they can start to be hard on your body. Most people spend lots of their summer days […]

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