Negative Effects of Hard Water in Fort Myers, FL; Limescale Inside Pipes, Damage to Hot Water Heater Element & More

It can be frustrating when any of the routinely used appliances break down. When it comes to the water-based appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, water tanks/heaters, and so for forth, many do not realize their hard water is the culprit. Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to discuss the negative impact hard…

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Drinking Water Quality Standards in Naples Manor, FL; Removing Chemical, Physical & Other Contaminants

Naples, Florida water comes from the Collier County Public Water Supply System. However many local residents get their drinking water from a well or groundwater. Groundwater is aquifers that are underneath layers of sand, gravel and rock. However, the deeper the aquifers are, the more they have high layers of salt. Along with high levels…

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