Why is it Necessary to Test Water in Lehigh Acres, FL? Know Chlorine Levels, Hard Water Corrodes Pipes & More

In every home, water is a primary resource. Water is used to cook with, shower with, cleaning purposes in addition to needing to consume it. You want to ensure it is healthy and the quality of the water is the best possible where the water plays a major role in people’s life. Unless it displays obvious red flags, most do not think the water is poor. The water may be poor due to unseen contaminants if the drinking water may smell off or have some discolor. We at AAA Water Team would like to share as to why you should consider a water test, there are many reasons as to why you should invest in a water test.

Annual Well Water Testing

Being that it is crucial the water supply is routinely tested; many people have a private well on their property. In current time, even water tested in recent years can show different results. Nitrates or bacteria can be introduced to the water, the pH can be altered in the groundwater. Schedule an annual water testing with a professional to ensure your water treatment continues to target the pollutants on your property, or to monitor the quality of your water supply.

Are Public Water Supplies Pure?

Before moving through your pipes, the public water supply undergoes intensive treatment processing, though most believe it is safe to drink. There are many situations that can cause a problem in the water, however. For example, pipes can contribute to contaminating the water. For instance, older pipes can contain lead soldering. Particularly if the pipes are older than 20 years, water testing is essential to ensure your drinking water is up to par.

Uses of Tap Water

Filtered pitchers and sink filters are not the limit. To clean the drinking water, quite a few homeowners rely on the filter attachments secure at the end of faucets or use filtered pitchers. That only solves part of the problem, however. The family is still exposed to ingesting the contaminated water when you shower, bathe, brush your teeth, or run dishes through the dishwasher. To help you ensure the water is healthy, have the water tested once a year.

Chlorine Levels in Drinking Water

Chlorine can effectively clean bacteria from the water without any adverse health effects in small points. To a number of diseases and health complications, chlorine has been linked still, so find out whether your supply is over-chlorinated as it is important to test your water.

Does Hard Water Corrode Plumbing Pipes?

You should consider the excessive minerals found in hard water when home is reliant on hard water. They can be harmful to your plumbing where these minerals are not necessarily impactful to your health. In addition to the water relating appliances, the hard water continues to leave deposits on the pipes and fixtures. If the hard water is present in your water supply, you can determine this with a water test.

Water Testing in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

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