How to Choose a Whole House Water Treatment System in Estero, FL; Hydrogen Sulfide Filter & More

For those who need a water treatment system for their home, you may be confused to know which one will be best for your home. There are many different types of water treatment systems and they all treat the water differently. With so many different types of water treatment systems, which one should you choose? AAA Water Team will share a few tips on how to choose the right water treatment system for your home.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

When you want to install a water filtering or treatment system there are many different types to choose from. Because there are a number of water treatment systems, homeowners are unsure which one is right for them. Some of the common types of water filtration systems to choose from are reverse osmosis, Ozone purification, carbon filters, and water softener. Each type of water filtration system uses a different method or technology to clean and purify the home’s water. It is important to know how each filtering system works and the contaminates they target. With this knowledge, you are one step closer in finding the right filter for your home.
• Water Filtration: A basic water filtration system is designed to remove odors and bad tastes in water. They do this by removing contaminates and particles in the water. Most use a carbon base filtering system.
• Iron and H2S: Iron and H2S filtering systems are designed to remove the scent or rotten egg or smelly water cause by sulfur, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and bacteria that is in the water.
• Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis helps to improve the taste of water, dissolves solids, remove contaminants, and remove impurities in the water.
• Ozone Purification: This filtering system can remove bacteria, viruses, and protozoans in the water. The water is cleaner and tastes better with ozone purification.
• Water Softener: Water softeners, as the name implies, softens the water by removing the hard minerals in the water. Water softeners help improve the texture of clothes, soften the skin and hair.

Well & City Water Testing

As there are many different types of water treatment systems, knowing which one is right for your home can be answered. To know what types of water filtering system you need, you will want to have your tap water tested. A water specialist can come to your home and test the water. The results from the water test will show what is in the water. A water specialist can help point you in the right direction. Some water systems can be used with others. Iron and an H2S water filter system is often combined with a water softening system. Along with water testing, you may want to set your own goals and what you may want from your water treatment system. Some homeowners may only want targeted areas such as the laundry tap filter or a system to soften, while for others, cleaner water is a priority. With your own goals and with the water testing you will better know which type of water filtering system you want in your home.

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