Maintenance Agreement

Water System Maintenance Agreement

To save on utility bills and avoid the cost of major repairs and replacement, AAA Water Team urges you to take a preventive approach to your water systems by including them in a regular inspection and maintenance program. Properly maintained equipment by AAA Water Team functions more efficiently, lasts longer and saves you money on your utility bills. For example our whole home water softening and conditioning decreases the mineral build-up in your water heater, which could save you about 20% in energy costs!
What our Maintenance Agreement includes:

Priority Service
Our maintenance agreement reduces the likelihood of major water system failure however parts do eventually wear out. When that does happy, our maintenance agreement moves you to the front of the line for priority service!

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance
AAA Water Team provides monthly inspection and maintenance visits to make sure any minor problems are addressed quickly before they turn into major problems.

Low Pricing
Our monthly maintenance agreement is an affordable $45 a month but the peace of mind it gives you is priceless!
During a professional maintenance visit from a qualified AAA Water Team technician, a 20 Point Checklist will be performed which includes ensuring that:
– Pumps are running at proper amps
– Pressure tanks are at the correct pressure
– Switches are working
– Valves are set at proper times and going through all cycles
– You have an adequate supply of salt

Unlike our competitors, AAA Water Team also sprays for ants!

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