Nitrates in Well Water in Lely Resort, FL; Sources, Side Effects, Nitrate Removal Treatment System & More

When you own a private well that supplies your home, it is critical to perform testing and protecting of your drinking water. Ultimately, it’s up to you to keep your water safe since you cannot rely on a municipality to monitor and remove contaminants. One of the primary contaminants the EPA defines as a problem…

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Copper Pipes & Chlorine in My Well Water is Turning My Blonde or Dyed Hair Green in Lely, FL? Water Purification Needed!

Water is an important element that everyone needs for consumption, cleaning, cooking, and bathing among other necessities. For those who enjoy the advantages well water has to offer, it can have some negative sides. Commonly found in well water is the metals and minerals and it is one of its major downfalls is the effect…

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