Copper Pipes & Chlorine in My Well Water is Turning My Blonde or Dyed Hair Green in Lely, FL? Water Purification Needed!

Water is an important element that everyone needs for consumption, cleaning, cooking, and bathing among other necessities. For those who enjoy the advantages well water has to offer, it can have some negative sides. Commonly found in well water is the metals and minerals and it is one of its major downfalls is the effect on its users, especially their hair. When people notice the greenish hue developing on the hair, they immediately put the blame on chlorine or even algae, however, copper can stain fixtures and change the tint of hair, particularly those who have lighter hair colors and those who dye their hair. Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to elaborate further on the subject.

Copper Pipes & Chlorine in Water Turning Hair Green?

For these unwanted effects, there are a few explanations. At some level, natural copper is present in wells, which can infiltrate your water. Additionally, inside the copper pipes in your plumbing chlorine in the water can cause oxidation. Until they are deposited in your hair, the oxidized molecules are then carried with the water. Leading in an attempt to lessen its effects, there are some shampoos and conditioners that have been developed to fight the discoloration well water. Other serious problems you may have happening in your well, like thinned out plumbing and broken pipes, can show warning signs through the green color you find in your hair after a shower as well. To potentially protect against potential flooding and unwanted changes in hair color, an experienced water treatment technician can test your water and determine the cause for the excess copper. To help discover any copper or other potential materials causing a greenish effect or other negative impacts, AAA Water Team provides a water treatment tests to residential homes in the Greater Naples, Florida area.

Water Quality Tests for Drinking Water

For both municipal and well water, AAA Water Team provides water testing services. The test samples are taken by our professionals and these samples are submitted to the lab and tested for the following circumstances below.
1) Levels of Bacteria.
2) Chlorine Levels
3) Hardness Levels of the Water
4) Anything that create crust that buildup on showerheads and faucets in your water that can’t be collected in a filter from the presence of chemicals and minerals such as magnesium, manganese, iron and calcium, or the byproducts.

Water Testing, Whole House Water Filtration Purification Treatment & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Once your water’s contents are known, AAA Water Team technicians can help you find the solution. To provide your family with healthy water, we are committed to assisting you with our water testing and purification services. To easily transform your water into clear, delicious, and fresh smelling water, any harsh particles and harmful microorganisms that make your water discolored, pungent, and hard through the help of water treatment right for your home’s water needs, whether your water supply is municipal or well water, we have the expertise to assist you. If you suspect you are having concerns with your water, call AAA Water Team and let our well-trained experts help you get the right water treatments installed for healthier water.

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