Cryptosporidium or Giardia Cyst Parasites in Drinking Water in Orangetree, FL? Testing, Filtration & More

Water is closely monitored and tested in the public tap water as well as those who test their wells. When a water report turns up cysts in the water, it can be a major concern. Cysts themselves may not be harmful but where the cysts come from are. AAA Water Team would like to share more about cysts and what it means if it is found in the local water supply.

What are Cysts in Water?

A cyst is a particle which was a protective membrane of a type of cell that was produced and then shed off. The cysts and the cells themselves are not harmful. However, the cells are often a host for parasites. The cell can harbor a harmful protozoan parasite which can make people sick. Essentially, if cysts are found in the water it is a red flag that there may be a harmful parasite as well.

Common Water Cyst Parasites

There are a few different common types of parasite that are found attached to the cell and waterborne cysts. One of the most common is Giardia and the second common one is Cryptosporidium. These parasites can be introduced in local water supply through nearby lakes, streams, rivers or through the water waste from an infected person or animal. Both types of parasite can causes illness. However, there are no long term effects and most illnesses include diarrhea accompanied with abdominal cramping.

Detection of Parasites in Water

Cysts were first identified as a disease back in the 1970’s. Even so, cysts in the water supply have been known since the 1600’s. Since the identification of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in the public water supply, it has been a common practice to treat the public water supply. Along with treatment, cysts are carefully monitored. As long as cyst levels remains low, harsh water treatments are not necessary. When high levels of cysts are detected, the water will then undergo treatment. However, water isn’t constantly being treated to avoid unnecessary chemicals being added to the water. Due to the lag of treatment in areas prone to cysts, it is recommended to have additional protective measures taken at home.

Home Drinking Water Filtration

As local residents of Florida well know, the state is filled with rivers, lakes, swamps and of course, much of the state is surrounded by the ocean. Florida is one of the states that is prone to cysts in the water supply. For those who live in the state, your home should be equipped with its own water treatment system. It is recommended to invest in a whole house filter system. Another water treatment system that can protect you from cysts are Reverse Osmosis water filtering systems. The process of reverse osmosis has been proven to remove cyst particles from the water and kill any microorganisms including the cells and parasites that may be attached to them.

Water Purification & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Even though cyst related parasites are not considered life threatening, the illness they bring on can be unpleasant and contribute to existing conditions. In such cases they pose a bigger problem. To avoid illness and exposure to cysts consider installing your own line of protection. For installation of water filtering systems and more, contact AAA Water Team today.

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