Drinking Water Quality Standards in Naples Manor, FL; Removing Chemical, Physical & Other Contaminants

Naples, Florida water comes from the Collier County Public Water Supply System. However many local residents get their drinking water from a well or groundwater. Groundwater is aquifers that are underneath layers of sand, gravel and rock. However, the deeper the aquifers are, the more they have high layers of salt. Along with high levels of salt, a number of other contaminants can be found in the drinking water. AAA Water Team will share some of the contaminants found in our local water and what are some of the best water filtration systems to ensure quality water.

Chemical, Physical & Other Contaminants Found in Water

• Chlorine: Most of the public water supply system will treat the water with chlorine to kill microorganisms and other contaminants in the water. When drinking tap from the public water supply, you are drinking small amounts of chlorine.
• Lead: When there is traces of lead found in the tap water it is often due to corrosion in the water supply pipes system that are breaking into tiny particles and entering the water. Lead is fairly rare. However, if lead is discovered in the tap water, there is a high chance that lead pipes are used for the plumbing system. Lead pipes have been banned since 1986 due to the lead exposure in the water. If you live in an older home, have your water tested to be sure that your home doesn’t have lead exposure.
• Mercury: Mercury is another contaminant found in tap water. Mercury is a naturally occurring contaminant that is partially metal and organic compounds. Mercury in the water can lead to kidney damage even after exposure for a short term of time.
• Pesticides: At times pesticides can be detected in both the public water supply and in wells. Usually the pesticide levels are low enough they do not pose any major concerns. Pesticides are most often detected in areas with lots of agriculture and framing.
• Pharmaceuticals: There has been a growing concern about pharmaceuticals being found in tap water. Pharmaceuticals is a problem in public water supply systems. The exposure of pharmaceuticals in the tap water is traced to the toilets. Many people will flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet where the water waste is then sent to the water treatment plants. It is important that people never dispose of pharmaceuticals in the toilets or down the drains as they can contaminant the local water.
• Microbial Cysts: Microbial cysts are cells that form into parasites that can make people sick. This type of parasite is waterborne and has been found in the local drinking water. If microbial cysts are detected in the water, you must take steps to prevent and treat your home’s water.

Types of Water Treatment Process Options

When seeking out a water filtering system to ensure your tap water is clean and safe, you will find a number of different options to choose from. Finding the right filtering system that can help remove or treat local contaminants is key. When seeking a filtering system there are a few options to choose from. One is a carbon or a granular activated carbon filter system. These filtering systems primarily remove particles in the water. Removing contaminants like lead and mercury for microorganisms cannot be removed or treated with a carbon based filtering system. For microorganism treatment you will want an Ozone based water purifier system which can treat microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria. To know for sure which filtering system you will need it is best to have your water tested. With the returned test results you will be able to make a better decision on your water filtration or purification system.

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