Is Filtering Tap Water Needed? What is the Best Method to Purify Water in Lehigh Acres, FL?

We all know water is important, we drink it every day and we need it. We also need it to be clean. You can get your water clean and purified in many different ways. Some are simple while others are more expensive but very worth it. Why is it so important to have purified and filtered water? AAA Water Team explores this further below.

What is Water Purification & Why is it Important?

Water purification is very important because it reduces and tries to remove any algae pesticides, viruses, bacteria, and fungi that may be in the water. Drinking water must have a pH level of 6.5 to 8.5. When your water is not clean or at that pH level, it can cause diseases and problems.

Is Filtering Tap Water Needed?

While you can drink tap water. When you use filtered water, it can help it taste better and smell better. It removes the chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, and bacteria from the water. Some research is showing that it can reduce the risk of cancers because it is getting rid of all of the bad things in your water. Having clean water can also give you a better immune system, and overall better health.

Boiling Water VS Filtration

Boiling water can kill germs and bacteria, making the water cleaner and safer to consume, but it may not get rid of some of the new-age contaminants, such as pesticides and chemicals that you find in your water. Water filtration and purification can keep your water safer by removing more bacteria and chemicals, than just boiling the water.

Whole-Home Water Filtration System

Have you considered getting a whole home filtration system? This can help purify water, removing the sediments and particles from the water. Helping your water be cleaner and taste better. It can help neutralize elevated acidity levels that could cause corrosion in your home’s piping system. When it comes to having clean water you want to have it clean for drinking but it is also beneficial to have it throughout your whole house keeping your home from getting ruined by dirty water.

Water Purification Systems

There are a few different types of purification systems. You can get some that you can just attach to your kitchen sink and use for cooking and drinking. If you are worried about the type of water that comes through your tap, then getting one for your sink is a great start. You can also get a larger one that is suitable for filtering large volumes of water for your home. These are more expensive, but it is worth it to get clean water throughout your home.

Water Filtration Systems & More in Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Unless your water is really bad, you may not even notice that many awful things coming out of your tap water. Some tap water has a bad smell and tastes funny while others taste just fine, but it’s what is inside of it you should be questioning. Getting a water purification system in your home can help eliminate all of these bad things that get into your water. If it is time for you to get a water filter system or purification then give AAA Water Team a call.

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