Common Septic Tank Problems in Bokeelia, FL; Troubleshooting Leaking Water Leaving Wet Spot in Yard & More

Many people all over the country have a septic tank that keeps their waste under control. While this is a great system when you don’t have access to city plumbing, when there are issues with a septic system, you may be saying something else. There are several signs that are usually present when you are dealing with a septic problem. AAA Water Team is here to talk about them so you can be aware in case your septic system starts to have issues.

Sulfur Odor from Septic Tank

The first and most obvious sign of a problem is the smell. Your sewer gases that are inside your septic tank are something that no one wants to catch wind of. If there is any crack or hole in your tank, these odors can escape, and you will know if when they do. It may take several days before you smell it, but you will eventually smell it if the leak is bad enough.

Grass Greener Over Septic Tank

Have you noticed that there is a big lush green spot in the middle of your yard where your septic tank is located? It may not be because you have been good at putting your fertilizer down but because you have a leak in your septic tank. It could also be caused because your system is overflowing or there is a clog in the filter that is causing water to leak. This can not only lead to a green lawn, but it can leave your lawn feel quite soggy as well. If you step in your yard and find that you start to sink in the grass, it usually isn’t a good thing.

Toilets & Sinks Backing Up or Not Draining Properly

While people experience toilets and sinks that aren’t draining as they should all the time, and for a variety of different reasons, one of the reasons you have this problem could be because you have septic tank issues. Because there are so many other reasons this could be happening, it is often wise to have a sewer line inspection before you start digging up the septic tank. This will give you a visual answer to the problems you are experiencing.

Sludge Problems

Your septic tank is filled with sludge. In fact, it is often filled with as much as 1/3 sludge. The sludge volume should never exceed that 1/3 otherwise you could have a backed up septic tank on your hands. When there is more than there should be, you will likely have backups that start to happen, and it is a key indicator that your septic tank needs to be emptied.

Septic Tanks & Sewer Line Repairs of Water Filtration Systems & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

If you are dealing with a septic leak or problem, you can count on the water specialists at AAA Water Team to help you get it back up and running. We know how emergent it can be when you are having septic problems and will respond quickly to your call. Call us today!

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