Adding Ice & Other Healthy Additives to Your Cup Of Filtered Water in Vineyards Naples, FL

There are some people that increase the amount of water they drink when the temperatures are soaring. That is because when it is hot outside your body will lose more through sweating. But, you want to continue to take water in on a daily basis no matter the time of year. You can adjust how much you are drinking depending on what you are doing, your age and your physical activity. When it comes to drinking water there are all kinds of ways that people spruce up their water. Making some changes to your water is a great way to still get the water you need by not taking away too much.

AAA Water Team List Healthy Things to Add to Water

Add Ice Cubes to Water: One of the top ways to spruce up your water that you want to drink is to add some ice cubes. This may seem like a silly answer but it is a great way to make water better for people that claim to not really be water people. When the water has condensation dripping off the sides of the glass you know it is cold and frosty. It is a great way to make the water have an aspect that allows it to taste better. You want to make sure that the water that is being made is from the same water that you want to drink. That means filling up those ice trays with your filtered water. Of you can make sure that you have a whole home water filtration system. As the ice starts to melt into the drink it will add to the drink and you don’t want to contaminate the water. When you are working out or want to cool off you want to skip the ice though. The colder the water the harder it will be for your body to warm it back up which can make you feel hot.
Fruit & Vegetable Infused Water: Another way that you can add some flavor to the water but still staying natural and clean is to use some fruits. The best fruits to add to your filtered water is to slice up some lemons or limes and toss a few slices in. This will add a little bit of a tart flavor that will give your taste buds the trick that they are getting food. You can squeeze some of the fresh fruit into the water. You can also use other fruits or vegetables such a watermelon, strawberries and of course cucumber. You can also throw in some herbs like mint to add another level to the water. You want to make sure that use filtered water when you start.
Fresh Filtered Water: If you go over to a sink and fill up a cup of unfiltered water you might not think it tastes that great. That is why you want to choose water that is clean and filtered. This will make the water taste better just by ensuring that the contaminants and the debris is taken out of the drink. You can have a whole home water filtration system added to your house. This will make sure that any glass of water that you fill up will taste great.

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