Benefits of an Ozone Purification System for Generating Pure Drinking Water in Your Fort Myers, FL Home

Ozone purification is a process that removes contaminants from drinking water. It can help with the healing process inside your body and reduce inflammation as well. Ozone purification works by infusing tasteless and odorless Oxone into a water tank or system. Ozone is a colorless gas that a slight odor likened to the smell in the air after a big thunderstorm. It is an unstable gas composed of three oxygen atoms. The ozone gas will readily degrade back to oxygen. During this transition, a free oxygen atom, or free radical form emerges. This free oxygen radical is short-lived and highly reactive and short-lived. In fact, under normal conditions it only survives for milliseconds.

Benefits of Ozone Purification

Like ozone, toxins and pathogens are also unstable molecules but when they are paired up with oxygen, they are neutralized. Ozonated drinking water is considered to be highly beneficial to the human body. Some of the many potential benefits are the fact ozonated water can kill fungi, algae, viruses and bacteria on contact. Ozonated water can break down harmful synthetic chemicals too by turning them into less dangerous molecules. This can actually boost the immune system and send more oxygen to the brain. Ozonated water also has cancer killing properties that can slow the growth or stop cancer from spreading! To figure out how much ozonated water you should drink a day, simply take your weight in pounds and divide by two. That number is the amount of ozonated water you can drink daily, in pounds, if you are not well. Generally, drinking one glass of ozonated water a day is sufficient for maintenance. For ozone to be beneficial, it needs to be generated on site and be constantly introduced into water. Ozone purification systems are very efficient. The whole system uses about the same amount of energy as a 55-watt light bulb. This translates to only about $3 in operating costs per month and maintenance is a breeze! All you need to do is hose off the filter and clean the ozone diffuser. This only takes about 10-15 minutes and no tools are needed.

Why Use Ozone Instead of Chlorine?

Scientists have discovered that chlorine can create harmful by-products known as THM’s that are carcinogenic (having the potential to cause cancer). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is beginning to have stricter standards when it comes to the levels of THM’s that are allowed to be present in domestic water treatment plants. Larger municipal water treatment plants add a small chlorine residual after ozonation to prevent the water from absorbing bacteria that can be present in the lengthy distribution piping. THM’s aren’t the only thing to worry about in city water supplies. You may have heard about high lead levels and other pollutants.

Ozone Purification Systems in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

AAA Water Team technicians will provide you with a unique, no cost, in person demonstration using your own water. You will know the quality of your water and what you can expect with a new ozone purification system, when you call AAA Water Team!

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