Benefits of Drinking Pure, Clean Water in Fort Myers; Water Filter & Purification Advantages & Disadvantages

Having clean water, readily at our disposal, is truly something to be grateful for. The importance of keeping hydrated is constantly being reinforced. Not only do we, as people need water, but every living thing consumes water in one form or another.

AAA Water Team would like to relate a few advantages to having a whole home water filtration system in your home or business.

Top Quality Water: No matter where it is dispensed, clean filtered water is within your reach for you, your loved ones, and your landscaping. Filtered water assures you are getting top quality drinking water.

Removing Chemicals in Water: Chemicals, such as chlorine for example, among others, are removed before entering your home. This removes any potential harmful and unnecessary chemicals from being served, and hinders the airborne toxins it could potentially release. Dishes, fabrics, such as clothes, bedding and other things we wash in water are now being treated with filtered water, and chemicals are no longer deteriorating our possessions or coming into contact with our bodies.

Healthy Drinking Water: Consuming water that has been properly filtered enhances day to day health, and promotes fresh and healthy living.

Filtered Whole Home Water Systems: Filtered water systems not only effect our drinking water but also influence the air. Those who suffer from allergies can also benefit from water filtration systems. The air is no longer being integrated with chlorine or other chemical vapors found in regular water, alleviating potential issues for allergy sufferers. Filter water systems make showering or bathing more pleasant. Skin is no longer being irritated with unregulated water filled with unnecessary chemicals, keeping your skin from feeling dry, itchy or tough. Filtered water also protects from water contamination that may occur inadvertently. Water filtration systems are more cost effective than having to regularly purchase bottled water. Filtered water smells and tastes better than unfiltered water, keeping not only your drinking water pure, but enhancing flavor while cooking. Not only does it save you money from buying bottled water, but not contributing to waste is environmentally green, preserving the earth. Don’t forget there is a difference between purified and filtered water!

Whole House Water Filtration

Water filtration is a process that uses several barriers that include biological processes and chemicals to eliminate the impurities that naturally exist in your water. One of the most known about ways to filter out your water is to boil it. The water is set in a pot or pan and over a fire or heating element until it is at a rolling boil. This is a way that impurities are filtered out of the water. The great thing about filtered water is that you don’t have to use a pan and fire to get not only clean but great tasting water. You can have a whole home filtration system installed at your home.

Importance of Water Purification

Water purification is another way that water can be cleansed and made safe to drink. This process is similar to filtering water but the process is a bit different. When we are talking about purification of water it is mostly dealing with impurities that are not safe to drink and can be harmful. Some of these contaminants are viruses and materials such as fecal matter. The process uses more chemicals that are mixed with the water to reduce or eliminate the contaminants to a level that is healthy to drink and use in your home.

Professional Whole Home Water Filtration & Purification Systems in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

If you have other questions and want to know if a water filtration system is a good choice for your home, we can answer any questions you may have. Call AAA Water Team today and ask about your water filtration system!

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