Best Type of Drinking Water in Cape Coral FL; Tap, Spring, Purified or Filtered?

When it comes to drinking water there seems to be so many choices. You can get spring water, purified water, tap water or distilled water. Everyone has their own favorite and possibly a brand but have you ever looked at what the differences are. You may go about changing your idea about how you want your water prepared to drink after learning what they each are.

AAA Water Team has prepared a list of these drinking water styles.

Tap Water: This is the water that is generated by the county or city that you live in. They prepare the city water in a plant that processes the water and removes the impurities in them. They don’t do a lot of anything else to it. Some water supplies have additives that are added like fluoride. This water is generally fine but most people do not choose this as their primary drinking source. It is used to cook, wash dishes and clothes and water their grass or plants.

Spring Water: This type of water is advertised as pure water because it has been pulled from fresh streams and springs. The problem is that this is the same water that many city and county water systems also use so in essence you are getting a glorified tap water. The spring water is processed more than tap water so you will find less impurities. The way that they get you to go with this water is the advertising that uses beautiful streams and mountains and obviously the packaging. You just feel better about a sealed bottle of water than you do just turning on the faucet.

Purified Water: This is a fast running industry and seems to have a great result. The good thing about choosing a purified bottle of water is that you can be sure that the amount of impurities in the water are much less than spring water and tap water. The purity level that is required for it to be called purified water is quite high so you can be sure that it is a better drinking option. This process is handled by reverse osmosis or deionization.

Filtered Water: This is a great choice to have in your home as a main drinking source. The great thing is that you can have a system set up in your home and you can be in charge of your own filtered water and how often the filter is replaced. The water is ran through a filter system which catches the impurities and the chlorine which is what makes that type of water taste better.

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