Can Dehydration Affect your Mood? It has Been Linked to Cognitive Concentration & Function

If you all of the sudden feel a burst of anger or sadness there could be an underlying problem that is causing it. Sometimes it is just because of bad traffic or a sad commercial, but did you know that it could be caused by dehydration?

Dehydration & Cognitive Function

A group of scientists studying moods and behavior made a connection to peoples moods and dehydration. They say that dehydration can affect cognitive concentration and this is what helps you to think clear. Scientists have found that even a small amount of dehydration can affect someone’s mood, energy and ability to function mentally.

Dehydration Case Study

They put this theory to the test and used people to see if this could be proven. The studied participants that were sent through a series of cognitive tests to see how they would respond. They included reasoning, memory, concentration and the ability to learn. They had two sets of participants that did the studies. Half were dehydrated and the other half were well hydrated.

What they found was a larger difference in younger woman when it came to concentration and dehydration. They found that this group had a hard time with concentrating and usually had fatigue and a headache. The cognitive skills did not seem to be affected by the lack of water. Compared to the woman, younger men had a much harder time with memory and vigilance and tended to show more signs of tension and anxiety.

They found that woman were affected more than men in each area that was tested. They were put to the test during a resting period and during exercise. It was across the board that woman were more affected. The study used about a 1.5% water loss to test since this is about the amount that you can be deficient during a normal day. They also found that all people had adverse reactions to dehydration whether they were resting or exercising.

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The result is that all people, no matter what you are doing or what profession you have, you need to stay hydrated. This means whether you have a desk job or are a pro athlete, you need to be drinking water throughout the day. The next time you seem to not understand a problem or you are losing concentration, you might just need a cold glass of water. Call AAA Water Team for options on water filtration systems for your home and office.

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