Can Hard Water Cause Tangled Hair, Breakage, Loss & Other Problems in Lehigh Acres, FL?

We have individualized what hard water does to specific aspects in day to day life. Most people know that generally, hard water impacts many things poorly. Hard water is made up of chemicals and minerals that indeed affect the appearance and health of your hair and skin. The shampoos and conditioners working to clean and moisturize your hair are influenced by any chemical imbalances in your water and the efficiency it has. Though the hard water with excessive minerals is not necessarily harmful, it does wreak havoc on your hair and is the main culprit in your daily hair regiment to the finished result. Bearing all this in mind, we at AAA Water Team would like to take the opportunity to elaborate a little more on how hard water is affecting your hair.

Minerals in Hot Water

As mentioned, hard water his a fairly high mineral content. The primary heavy minerals are magnesium, calcium, and iron, though the amount and type of minerals vary from one water source to another. These abundant minerals in your water are not linked to any major health issues, most can see a significant difference to how their hair responds when treated in hard water and soft water. A thin film on your hair, from the mineral buildup that is dissolved in the water that causes it to be dry, strangely colored, dull, or tangled. A condition similar to dandruff is created as the buildup also happens in your scalp.

Washing Hair in Hard Water

When washing your hair, the minerals in hard water make it more difficult to lather shampoo. To get the same effect, most will use more shampoo and conditioner than what is needed and can cause excessive buildup from the lack of lathering that occurs. The hair’s condition feels heavier and weighted because the minerals make it impossible for the shampoo to dissolve. The conditioner is unable to penetrate your hair since the residues in your hair from the shampoo block hydration and clogs the pores. To function better in water with high mineral content, there are shampoos designed to combat hard water more than traditional shampoo. Additionally, the mineral in hard water are known to make your hair brittle because they suck the moisture out of your hair. Your hair can actually potentially stain from the iron accumulating on your hair.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

These are just a few examples of what hard water does to your hair. Hard water is also known to affect your skin, scum buildup in the shower and other areas around the home. A water softening system is an optimal solution to keep your hair, skin, and other elements around the home truly clean. Your water supply is treated to eliminate the magnesium, calcium, and other minerals from your water. Without the need for special rinses or products specifically for hard water, the soft water can help remedy problems with your hair, skin, and taste. When you need to correct the hard water issue in your Florida home, call AAA Water Team and let our experts install a soft water system in your home today!

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