Drinking Water when You have a Cold in Golden Gate, FL; Oxygenation, Hydration & More

During the hot summer months most people talk more about water and even consume more water on average. The heat causes you to sweat more and that will cause you to become dehydrated faster. You also want to make sure that through the year you continue to get enough water. You need to keep hydrated even in the colder months and you also need water for other reasons as well. Most people have heard that if you drink water it can help you keep your weight under control. Having a glass of water before a meal can help to make your meal settle faster and alert you that you are full when you actually are full. This is not the only way that water can help when it comes to your health. AAA Water Team outlines why you need to drink water when you are sick.

What is Oxygenation in the Body?

When you are sick it seems like nothing will make you feel better. Your body is suffering overall and is working overtime to get back in good health. The better you take care of your body the more equipped it is to make you better. One area that can help is when your blood has enough oxygen in it. The water you are drinking and using to hydrate yourself actually brings oxygen to your blood. The more oxygen you have in your blood the easier it is to remove and push the toxins out. The toxins are what makes you feel bad for longer. The better filtered water you drink the better you will feel.

Why is Hydration Important?

When you don’t feel good whether you have a cold or a flu most people want to just sleep and lay down all day. You might decide that you are too sick to eat or even get up and get ready. This can also lead to possibly missing out on drinking water. Your body has to work to keep you healthy and that means that you need to be hydrated. When you drink water when you are sick your body and your organs are being hydrated. This means that they are able to work well and you will notice that you will feel better faster.

Water Flushes Sinuses

Being sick is something you don’t want to have to go through but sadly the winter months it usually runs rampant. Being sick is just a part of life and you want to make sure you have tips on how to stay healthy. Your eyes, nose and ears can be affected when you are sick and being able to keep them flushed is a way to make sure you feel better. The only way to do that is to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. This will flush out the debris and the mucus that builds up and makes you feel terrible when you are sick.

Filtered Water in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

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