How Do You Know when to Replace a Hot Water Heater in Naples Manor, FL? Cold or Brown Water, Leaks & More

Your water heater works hard to ensure you have a warm shower every morning and because it’s usually tucked away in your home you’ve probably forgotten you have one! It’s important to take care of your water heater so it can take care of you and your family.

Warning Signs Hot Water Heater is Going Out

1. Age of water heater. The typical lifespan for a water heater is about 8-10 years. If you have annual maintenance done, you can probably make it last a little bit longer. However, if it’s reached the age of 10 years, you really need to start putting some money aside for a new one. You can find out how old your heater is by looking at the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker. The first two numbers will be the year it was manufactured. You can also check the manufacture’s website.
2. You have cold water. If your water runs cold earlier than it should you may be running on borrowed time. Many people overlook this sign because they have hot water to start with and just take a shorter shower. You may be able to avoid a total replacement if you have this issue taken care of with a possible repair. If you find your showers are getting shorter and shorter, have a professional have a look.
3. Noisy hot water heater operation. Your water heater should work silently. If you start to hear it, it’s an indication that its not working like it should. You may have a ticking time bomb on your hands if you start to hear rumbling and banging noises coming from your heater. You may be able to get away with a repair if the noise hasn’t been going in for too long. The earlier you call, the better.
4. Hot water is brown. You may have rust in your water heater if the water runs yellow or brown. You can avoid this problem by adding a zinc anode rod to your water heater. This step will need to be taken before the problem starts. Once it does, there’s isn’t anything you can do. If the colored water has started, contact professionals to replace it before you spring a leak.
5. Hot water heater leaks. Just like the rust situation, you will need a new water heater when it springs a leak. There is no way to save a water heater that has started to leak. A leaky water heater means you’re losing hot water and putting your home at risk for some serious water damage. Water damage can lead to mold growth and no one wants that. Call to have it replaced as soon as possible.
6. Frequent hot water repairs. Repairs can really add up-when something keeps breaking and causing problems, it’s a sign that more problems are on their way- – when that happens, the best option is to replace.

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Water heaters don’t last forever. Smart homeowners preemptively replace their water heater when they start to see the signs that it’s on its way out. Do you have any of the signs of impending doom? Contact AAA Water Team to take care of whatever your water heater needs!

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