How Much Pure, Filtered Water Should a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Children, Teenagers & Adults Drink in Fort Myers, FL

Drinking water is something that everyone knows they need to do. However, the amount of water that you need to drink has always been a topic of debate. The old saying that you need to drink eight glasses of water a day is really just a saying. There is actually a lot of things you need to consider when getting the right amount of water for you. Another important aspect to drinking water is that you want to drink the right kind of water. You want to drink water that has been filtered or treated so that there is no extra sediment or bacteria. If you want to decide what amount of water is right for you then look at the following criteria.

AAA Water Team Explains What You Need to Know About How Much Water You Need to Drink

Does Your Age Matter When Setting Up a Drinking Water Schedule: When it comes to drinking water you do need to consider what age you are but that is not all. Your age does have something to do with how much you drink because an adult male needs to have around 14 glasses of water and a woman needs about 10. That is close to the eight recommended glasses but not quite enough. If you are a child and in the eight to thirteen age range they need closer to eight glasses. Even a baby that is bottle or breast fed is going to need to get water intake. Although your age does matter there are many other factors that you need to also consider.
Do You Have A Health Condition that Requires You to Drink More Water?: There are many health conditions that require you to hydrate even more. The water that you need may increase if you have a condition that requires you to take certain medications. The condition itself may also require you to add more fluids to your diet. Be sure that you consult with a doctor to get on a regiment that is appropriate for you.
Are You Active or an Athlete and Need More Water?: Another aspect of your life that you need to consider is how active you are. Do you have a job that requires you to be outdoors often or hard heavy lifting? Do you go to the gym and work out or take a run? These are all activities that mean that you will perspire more and you can become dehydrated. The amount of water that you will need to will increase by quite a bit when you are active. Be sure that if you feel thirsty you drink water. If you are going to be extremely active start to drink water early and after you want to continue, keep increasing your water intake too.
Daily Water Intake Can Be From Some Foods & Other Drinks Too: The majority of your water intake is from drinking straight filtered water. You want to drink as much of the recommended as you can. You can also consider that there is water in the fruits, vegetables and some of the other foods that you are eating too.

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