How to Prevent Dermatitis Skin Complexion & Hair Problems from Hard Water in Fort Myers, FL

There are some people that are not sure what the difference is between hard water and soft water. The water that you are getting from your city or county has been treated and has been cleaned so that it is allowed to be used to clean, cook and even drink. The problem is that there are still levels of contaminants that make it not taste the best and it will not keep you as clean as you think it is. The water that you are using may actually be stopping you from being clean. There are some differences between soft water and hard water and it is a good idea to know more about each of them. AAA Water Team outlines some of the benefits you can expect when changing to soft water from hard water in your home.

Effects of Hard Water on Skin & Hair

When you get used to taking shower using hard water you may think that you are getting nice and clean. The interesting fact about showering when you are using hard water is that the silky clean feeling that you think you are getting is not the water. The water is not able to get all the soap off your body. The soap that is left over on the skin is actually what is giving you the silky feeling. The same soap scum that is in your shower and on the walls that you have to work to remove can also be on your body. The hard water is not able to properly penetrate the scum and that is why you feel slick after a sower rather than being actually clean.

Benefits of Water Softener on Skin

If you want to actually feel clean it is a good idea to use soft water. It can be installed in your home after market and that will allow the water that is in your home to be soft throughout. When some people first use soft water they have the reaction that they feel slimy or slippery. The great thing is that this slick feeling is actually your own skin balanced out rather than feeling the residue that is left by soap. The soft water can rinse you of any residue that the hard water cannot. The feeling is something that you will get more comfortable with and it will start to feel more natural. You will also notice that your skin is less dry and you need less moisturizer.

Cleaner Shower Stalls with Soft Water

One of the hardest areas to clean in your bathroom happens to be the hard water stains that are left on walls and glass shower enclosures. The hard water is on the surfaces of the bathroom then when the water dries the sediment stays. This will start to build up and cause the white scum that you are used to seeing. It can be difficult to clean and that is why it is best to use soft water. The water softener will allow you to use soft water that is clear of the sediment and that means you will have a cleaner shower stall.

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