How Water Softeners Can Stop Hard Water Effects on Washing Machines & Appliances in Sanibel, FL

One of the most stressful things that happens to homeowners is having an appliance break. When appliances break they can cause damage that you have to clean up and deal with. Sometimes this damage can be extensive and very costly to repair. If no damage is caused you still have to deal with the inconvenience of dealing without that appliance until you get it fixed or replaced. On top of all that you still have the expense of the repair or replacement of the appliance! So what can you do to increase the longevity of your appliance so that you are not dealing with this routinely? One thing that you can do is get a water softener.

Hard Water Decreases the Longevity of Household Appliances

The Water Quality Association did a study that showed the impact hard water has on typical household appliances and fixtures. They found that washing machines in a house with soft water last around 11 years but having hard water reduces that number down to 7.7 years. Dishwashers with hard water only last about 7 years but having soft water can increase that number up to 10 years. Your toilet will last 2 years with hard water and 6.5 years with soft water. Faucets are expected to last 9 years with soft water and only 5.4 years with hard water. These numbers are clearly based only on averages so individual results will vary. How shocking are these numbers though?

Problems Caused By Hard Water

You may be wondering how hard water ruins your appliances faster than expected. Calcium and magnesium are two of the minerals that make your water hard. These minerals are amazing for you bones but terrible for you appliances. They are responsible for scale buildup or mineral deposits. Scale buildup and mineral deposits eventually clog your plumbing and wears down your appliances over time. The scales and mineral deposits will continue to make your appliances less effective and less effective until they eventually break altogether.

Pros of Water Softener Systems; Water Softeners Remove Calcium & Magnesium

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium. This helps prevent scales and mineral deposits do not form. In addition to increasing the longevity of your appliances, soft water will also make your appliances run more effectively. It is estimated that you could use up to 70% less dishwashing detergent with soft water than you can with hard water. Detergent use can be dropped by 50% when using soft water. Another major perk of having soft water in your home is that it makes your appliances run more efficiently as well. Many consumers will spend extra money on their appliances upfront for the long term benefit of having their utility bills be less because the appliance is energy efficient. When you have hard water the benefits of energy efficient appliances are decreased dramatically. Most appliance manuals recommend using soft water for maximum performance.

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