Is Hard Water Bad for Washing Machines, Coffee Makers & Appliances in McGregor, FL?

It is no secret that hard water can negatively impact the many things long-term exposure contact has. Dishware, cookware, shower doors, and other such surfaces can start to have crusted layers. As the residues accelerate deterioration and can impact the skin and hair, it only suggests that the appliances can be affected as well. Water softeners can be a lifesaver for areas where hard water is a problem. To everything from your hair to your home or office appliances, hard water is known to be damaging. In order to better preserve your appliances, a soft water treatment can be helpful. Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to continue to elaborate the effect hard water has appliances.

What is Hard Water?

Water containing high levels of minerals is hard water. Where calcium and magnesium levels are high, it forms when water percolates through deposits of dolomite, chalk and limestone. When it is used in appliances, or used for washing one’s hair, it does become a huge problem when it is used in appliances, though it does not do anything while drinking it. Where the damage can prove costly, it is also particularly problematic to systems such as cooling towers and boilers. To avoid such damage, it is for this reason that water softeners exist.

Hard Water Effects on Home & Office Appliances Damaged By Hard Water

Looking at the inside of your coffee machine or electric kettle. Not coming off with regular cleaning, chances are you have probably noticed some white stuff building up inside it. Eventually leading inefficiency, and not working at all this erosion continues and slowly, but consistently damages the appliances. Eventually, the appliance usually has to be replaced well before the projected lifespan. By simply ensuring your water is softened, with this in mind, one can see how money can be saved over time. Water appliances in your home and office will not only see an extended lifespan, but your hair, skin, and household surfaces will be thankfully. If you want a water softening system as the solution for the hard water in your home or office, contact professionals such as AAA Water Team for assistance.

Whole House Water Softening System

Whole house water softening systems benefit a variety of uses from doing the dishes to doing the laundry. The water you have in your home for calcium and magnesium; two minerals that can affect your appliances and your skin. Benefits of having a water softening treatment in addition to sparing your appliance, includes the following.
Better skin and manageable hair. Having softer skin and better hair days is achievable with water softeners. The mineral deposits in your hard water leaves traces behind on your skin and hair are not an issue with soft water treatments.

Reduce Electricity Bill

Your monthly energy costs are reduced to improve the life span of your water heater. Thanks to the decrease in mineral build-up your water softening, and conditioning system has removed, you will save 17% – 21% in energy costs.

Less Laundry Detergent to Use Per Load

To make your detergent less effective, a whole house water filtration system will remove calcium and magnesium from your water. Requiring up to 70% less detergent, water that has been treated with a water conditioner helps get your clothes cleaner.

Whole Home Water Softening in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

The scale clogging your plumbing is from hard water and with water softeners, you can avoid this issue. Call AAA Water Team and let our experts help you with your water softening needs.

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