Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in Lely, FL? Filtration Systems Remove Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine & More

There are a few things you need to survive. You need to have access to food, shelter and of course water. Of all the things you need, water is the top of the list. This is something all living beings need from your favorite pet, house plant and of course you and your family. If you are stuck out in the wilderness and need to survive you can take any moisture you can find. You don’t have the luxury to wait for the best tasting or even the cleanest water. Luckily for the majority of people we are not stuck in the wilderness so you can be picky about the water that you should be drinking. There are lots of people that assume that the water in the tap is good and can be used for cooking, cleaning and even drinking. Although the city you live in does treat that water there are lots of chemicals, metals and sediment that is left behind. AAA Water Team outlines what might be lingering in your tap water.

Dangers of Fluoride in Water

There are things added to the water that you are getting from the tap. The water has to be treated by the city or town and meet the standards that are set up by the government. There are guidelines that have to be reached and they are being updated regularly for the safety of the people that use the water. One of the things that are added to the water happens to be fluoride. This is added to the water and is in small amounts. The problem is that fluoride is a neurotoxin and it can start to have an effect on how well your brain functions. The good thing is that the amount found in tap water is not at the level that is should cause these problems. Sadly there is enough to start to affect your thyroid and the hormones which can have an effect on your body. You want to use filtered water for your family as well as your pets.

Safe Levels of Lead in Water

When it comes to things you do not want to have in your water that you are drinking metal is at the top. The interesting thing is that metal is not supposed to be in the water and it is not something that is being added. The lead that is found in water happens to come from the pipes that the water is being moved through. The pipes are made of lead and overtime they can start to breakdown. By the time the water gets to your home it can have particles of lead that you are not drinking.

Chlorine is Needed to Treat Tap Water Supply

When you hop in the swimming pool you want to have chlorine to ensure that the germs and bacteria are not growing. When you drink water you don’t really want to ingest chlorine. The water that you are getting from your tap has been cleaned using chlorine and that can end up being in the water that you are drinking. It is a dangerous chemical and can be damaging when you are taking it in and it is best to use filtered water.

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