Questions to Ask when Buying & Moving to a House with Well Water in Cape Coral, FL

There are two types of water sources that you can have at your home. They each are different and have their own pros and cons. The first type of water is if you are on the water that is supplied through the city or county. The water is taken from a water source and treated for debris and substances that should not be ingested. The treated water is sent from the plant through pipes that are laid out under the city to your house. You can turn on your faucets and get water that you can use to clean, shower, drink and cook with. The other type of water that you might have is called well water. Well water is very different and is not something that comes from the city or county source after it has been treated. It is exactly what it sounds like and that is water that is brought up from the ground to a well. You can use that water for all the same purposed but the water is not treated first.

AAA Water Team Outlines Things to Know About Having Well Water

Where Does Well Water Come From: If you have well water you are getting water that is under the ground. The water that is in the ground can come from run off, rain and snow that is collecting under the surface of the earth. A casing is installed at your house that hits the level of the water and with a pump is brought to your casing and then pushed into your house. The water is not pre-treated and tested so you want to know what is in your water before you use it.
Hard Water Stains: If you are on city water or well water you might notice the presence of hard water. The hard water is because the water is full of sediment that after the water evaporates or dries out still remains. This can be hard on your dishes, fixtures and surfaces and is quite hard to clean off. The problem with well water is that is has more hard water elements in it. That is because the water is moving through the soil which is rich in nutrients. These are the same nutrients that will show up as hard water spots.
Well Water Can Be Contaminated: When you are getting water from the city it is tested and treated to remove many of the elements that you don’t want in your water. This being said there is always left over debris that is in the acceptable range when it reaches your house. The well water is water that is not treated and should be tested by the home owner. The contaminants that are in the water can be dangerous to your health. That is why it is best to call out a professional that has the ability to treat and test the water with a purification and filtration system.

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