Summer Water Conservation Tips in Pelican Bay, FL; Simple Ways to Save Water in Society

The summer is the time of year that you can spend more time outdoors. That is because the weather is warm and the sun is out for more hours in a day. The other aspect of summer that makes it a fun time to be outdoors is the fact that the kids are out of school. Now you can take some time without them missing out on class time. One part of summer that really makes the season great is water. You might find yourself in the swimming pool or drinking a bottle of water. Most people are looking for ways to save water all year round but in the summer it may seem like there are not a lot of options. That is just not true. There are a few changes that you can make to save on the amount of water that you are using.

AAA Water Team Lists How to Save Water in Summer

Decline Free Tap Water if Not Going to Drink: When you go to a restaurant you go in and wait for a table to be seated at. The majority of restaurants will sit you down and without asking bring over a glass full of water. Although there are some people that will drink the water and not order another type of drink the rest of us are going to purchase a secondary beverage. If you know that you are not going to drink the glass of water it is best for you to let the waiter know right away that you won’t be needing any water. This will actually help to save the amount of water that would normally be used.
Wash Fruit & Vegetables in a Bowl of Water Rather than Rinsing Under Tap: Nothing is worse on a hot summer day then turning on your oven or stove to make a hot meal. Most people are looking for a way to feed their family without using a heat source. That is why the amount of produce that is being sold increases in the summer. When you get home and you are ready to eat a piece you probably turn on the faucet and wash off your food. You can save water by filling a bowl and washing all the fruit and vegetables in it. Then take the leftover water and use it to water plants that are in your yard.
Use an Automatic Car Wash: Some people think that they can do a quicker and more efficient job at washing their car then a car wash. The interesting thing is that the amount of water that you use when you wash your car at home is almost triple the amount then an automatic car wash will use. It is best to run your car through the car wash if you want to save on the amount of water that you are using.
Take a Quick Shower: In the winter people want to sit in the shower to warm up from the cold days. Now that the weather is hot that same hot shower is out and a quicker colder shower is in. You can cut out the warming up aspect and if you can eliminate two minutes from your shower you can save more than 150 gallons of water in a single month.

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