Symptoms of Broken Sewer Line & Signs of Septic Water Tank Leaking in Your Estero, FL Yard

The plumbing system is all connected in your Florida home. All of the appliances, drains, and pipes and sewer system is networked together. The sewer or septic system endures the most stress and use. Over time, it is common for the pipe lines of your sewer or septic system to spring a leak. Where in most cases they can be repaired by a certified professional, it sometimes is severe enough that replacement is necessary. Spotting the signs can help you reduce the likelihood of a replacement, but it is all subjective with many variables. However, in an effort to help you spot this issue early, we at AAA Water Team would like to share the common causes and symptoms of underground septic or sewer pipes that have sprung a leak.

Severe Sewer Line Damage

Underground, the connecting pipes to the sewer or septic can sustain damage due to shifting soil, settling, increased traffic on the ground above, or use of heavy construction equipment above ground. Digging in the wrong spot, or driving down piercing equipment can fracture, spilled, or break the pipes resulting in a leak. Corrosion from time and exposure to the chemicals and minerals that breakdown the integrity of the pipes can lead to pinholes or cracks. The leaks can also be the result of the seals between sections of pipe have broken. There are other reasons that can cause leaks in the pipes of this nature, these are just the most common.

Tree Roots in Sewer Lines

Older sewer lines constructed of porous materials or poor-quality piping, and/or piping that was not properly sealed at the pipe connections can be impacted by tree and shrub roots. These roots expand as the vegetation grows and will thrive when they find a constant water source in the pipe lines. Once they latch onto the underground pipes, they will slowly grow into the pipe to get to the water. As the roots grow and expand over time, they can cause damage to the pipes that erupts into leaks.

Signs of Sewer Line Leaks

Following are signs that manifest when you have a leak in your septic or sewer lines. Generally, most people do not notice the subtle changes until they suddenly become obvious.
Plumbing fixtures performing abnormally. More often than not, it’s the inefficiency the fixtures seem to be doing, but the indoor symptoms may not occur with underground leaks. The sound of constantly running water.
Moist floors. Telltale signs of sewer leakage is walking on floors that feel spongy, or moist, especially in the lawn but it can also occur indoors.
Unpleasant odors. Mold and mildew thriving in damp spots will produce unpleasant odors. Bacterial growth is common in leaky sewer lines and you may have a rather powerful sewage smell outdoors.
Cracks in the foundation. Resulting from shifting ground caused by dripping sewer lines, the home’s foundation can develop cracks. Your foundation’s structural integrity can deteriorate as leaks cause pooling water and over exposure to moisture.
Landscape growth. Accompanied by sunken, wet patches, unusual landscape growth signifies an issue with the sewer or septic lines. Lushness in concentrated areas, or even dying areas from unhealthy bacteria in underground waste water can give you a clue there is a leak.
Pest issues. Rodents and even roaches are attracted to the smell of sewage and if you have a leak, you may notice a rise in the population.
Increased water bills. Paying for leaks show as unexpected spikes in the water bill. Where you can expect fluctuation with the seasons, sudden spikes indicate a leak.

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