Tap Water Suddenly Tastes Funny Like Dirt, Metal, Plastic or Chemicals in Cape Coral, FL?

When you are looking into a better way to get the water that you need every day it can be overwhelming. There seems to be an endless supply of ways to get good and clean drinking water. You can of course go to the store and stock up on bottles of water in small plastic containers. You can also head off with your five gallon jugs that you need to fill and transport on your own. Water is accessible to you in the form of tap water as well. This is water that is piped into your home and can be easily dispensed by turning a knob on the faucet. What most people realize quickly about the tap water is that it does not taste as good as they might want. It is okay to use in the shower but in your dinner or a tall glass of water to drink is not the best option. The reasons is the taste that is often associated with tap water.

AAA Water Team Explains What is Making Your Water Taste Odd When it Comes From The Tap

Water Tastes Metallic: One of the common complaints that people have about their own tap water is the presence of metal. The metallic flavor gets in the water from two main sources. One way is from the pipes that are used to send the water from the town or city water source to your home. There are often copper, iron or galvanized pipes that can shed off small amounts that can leave that same taste in your mouth when you drink the water. The other way that you might get a metal taste in your drinking water is from natural sources. The water that is sourced in the area can have natural elements in it that include metal. There is not much that the city can do about this but you can have a whole home water filtration system installed in your home.
Water Tastes Like Chemicals: Another flavor that you might find when you drink your tap water is the presence of chlorine. This is what is in your pool to keep it clean. The problem is that some of the ways that your water source is cleaned is in the same manner. They may choose to add chlorine to the water to help kill off algae and other bacteria that may be otherwise present. The problem is that some of the taste may still remain in the water and you will taste it.
Water Suddenly Tastes Like Dirt: Do you have well water at your home? Then you may start to notice the taste of dirt in your water. This is from the way that your water is stored and how it is delivered to your home. If you want to stop the taste of dirt it is best to have a water cleaning filtration or reverse osmosis system installed.

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