The Truth About Water Softeners in Whiskey Creek, FL; Does Not Make Water Taste Salty & More

Anyone with hard water in their home is familiar with the effects it offers. The mineral crust buildup on dishes, clothing, faucets, pipes, showers, tubs and so on is derived from the hard water. Hard water impacts a great deal of daily life and using a water softener system is a cost-effective solution. Unfortunately, there are quite a few myths surrounding water softeners and we at AAA Water Team would like to set the record straight.

Water Softener Facts & Myths

Myth: Hard water is healthier than soft water?
A very common misconception is that by removing the excessive minerals found in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, your body is being deprived of them. These minerals found in the hard water are inorganic and the water softener does not remove anything that is beneficial to the body.
Myth: Water is the same everywhere?
Throughout the world the water supply is treated differently, otherwise we wouldn’t water treatment systems installed in homes and businesses. Local municipality and well water are all different. Water testing annually can let you know what all is in your water and if treatment is necessary.
Myth: Soft water doesn’t wash or rinse off?
Skin feels softer when you have soft water, but not because it leaves a film behind. With soft water use, the natural oils on your skin’s surface is not being abrasively dried out and rinsed away like hard water does. You will find you need less soap and shampoo because soft water rinses more quickly and efficiently than hard water.
Myth: Water can soften without the use of salt?
Unfortunately, there is no such invention and water will not soften without salt. Salt free systems are inhibitors. Other alterative systems use magnetic, catalytic, electric or electro-dialysis equipment but none of them are proven to remove the excess calcium and magnesium that is contained in hard water.
Myth: The salt used in softeners makes the water extra salty?
Though this myth is understandable how people presume such; but extra salt is not introduced to the water as the ions exchange during the water softening process.
Myth: Essential minerals from your body are leached when drinking water purified in a reverse-osmosis system or in a distiller?
This myth is readily found all over the world-wide-web and is in fact a myth. By drinking distilled or filtered water, nothing is purged from your body. In fact, to remove some substances from drinking water the EPA advocates use of reverse osmosis.
Myth: Water will be acidic after it is processed in a reverse osmosis system or a distiller?
Where reverse osmosis and distilled water does have a lower pH level, it is not acid-producing carbon dioxide due to the reverse osmosis and distilled water systems remove dissolved bicarbonate solids. Without bicarbonates to neutralize it, there is carbonic acid in the water however.

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