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If you have hard water spots on your dishes or buildup on your bathroom walls and shower then you have not upgraded to soft water. A water softener is an appliance that is a great investment for many reasons. The water softener is great to keep your faucets from getting caked with hard water and buildup. It is also beneficial for your skin and hair and will not dry it out like your regular tap water will. If you want to wash the car you can enjoy the water drying without those nasty spots. If you have chosen to have a water softener installed in your home you should know what is necessary to keep it working well. The maintenance of the water softener is a great way to lengthen the amount of time the softener will work and it will also remain efficient.

AAA Water Team Offers Tips On Caring For & Maintaining Your Water Softener

Check the Salt Level on Your Water Softener: The reason your water softener is able to work to soften the water is with the use of brine or salt. There is a tank that is called the brine tank that will have water as well as salt in it. The salt needs to be checked on a monthly basis to ensure there is an adequate amount of salt for the softener to work. You may need to look at the manual to determine the amount that is necessary for your make and model. You can use a general rule that says to ensure your brine tank is about half full and should be covered with water. The water can be adjusted if necessary by a professional. If the salt is too low be sure to add more as necessary as long as the tank is not having too much salt stuck on the sides.
Empty & Replace Water Softener Tank: Your tank is supposed to be able to work well for years without any problems. That is only true if you are cleaning and maintaining the tank and the appliance as needed. Occasionally you will need to empty the tank so that it can be cleaned and the grid can be cleared of all debris. The tank will need to be pumped dry and all the salt removed from the tank. There is a grid at the base of the tank that will sift the salt and water to be processed. The grid and tank may need to be cleaned with dish soap and the grid needs to be soaked and or replaced if it is necessary. This is a major process that often needs to be done by a professional.
Water Softener Salt Pellets or Crystals: When you are using your water softener in your home you need to be sure that the brine tank is filled. The tank needs to have a specific kind of salt that can be different depending on the model of the tank. There is either a granulated salt or block salt and even in tablets. These are all good for different reasons and your appliance has a recommendation for your specific machine.

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