Water System Equipment and Service Maintenance Agreement

Just like your vehicles, your homes major appliances need regular maintenance to continue running optimally. If regular maintenance is ignored your heating and air conditioning unit, hot water heater and plumbing system could be costly to repair and worse yet may even require replacement. A comprehensive maintenance agreement will help you prevent expensive repairs and ensure that your appliances are working correctly. Most importantly a maintenance agreement will give you peace of mind that your investments will be running effectively and efficiently for many years to come. AAA Water Team offers a Water Management Maintenance Agreement on all of their products including water softening and conditioning units.

Regular Maintenance Validates Manufacturers Warranties

Many of us are under the impression that our products may still be under the manufacturer’s warranty and they may not need a maintenance agreement. A warranty generally covers a manufacturer defect and will cover replacement parts. But did you know that your manufacturer’s warranty may be voided if your equipment is not regularly maintained? Improper installation, lack of upkeep and maintenance that is not performed by a licensed technician is all means for a voided warranty. Also be aware that if a licensed professional diagnoses that the problem with a malfunctioning or broken part was due to one of the reasons listed above and not a defect your warranty will also be voided.

How a Maintenance Agreement Works

So how does a maintenance agreement work? We have already established that manufacturer warranties are limited. AAA Water Team recommends a maintenance agreement to protect your water and plumbing investments. Our water system maintenance agreement includes more than just a routine preventative maintenance and safety check. We help you save on utility bills and avoid costly repairs and replacement. Our maintenance agreement also includes priority service, regular scheduled maintenance and low pricing at an affordable $45.00 per month. During our scheduled maintenance a qualified AAA water team technician will run a 20 point check list which includes ensuring that pumps are running efficiently, pressure tanks are at the correct pressure, switches are working, and valves are set at proper times and completing their cycles.

Money Saving Water System Maintenance Agreement

With AAA Water Team, you can rest assured that your equipment will be in good hands. We stand behind our water system maintenance agreement contract and the quality of our work. We know your time is valuable so we will arrange service calls with you for your equipment’s preventive maintenance checkups and make sure your equipment is running properly. AAA Water Team is a locally and family owned company. Our services include repair, installation and service of high-quality American made water purification equipment for your home or business. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled professionals. At AAA Water Team we understand the importance of reliability. We always ensure customer satisfaction. Contact us today and speak with a customer service professional about our services including pure water softening, filtration, purification, reverse osmosis, ozone generators, water pumps and water well system installation & repair and most importantly don’t forget to ask about our maintenance agreements.

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