Water Testing for Magnesium Lead, Aluminum, Calcium, Arsenic & Other Heavy Metals in Punta Rassa, FL

Discovered in the water, there are a lot of elements, that can include chemicals, metals, and other foreign bodies. Some are accidental or even purposely added to the drinking water supply where quite a few of the particles occur naturally. With this in mind, we at AAA Water Team, would like to the opportunity to elaborate on the the metals that are potentially in your water. With the metals from several sources, your drinking water can be contaminated. The contamination outcomes can occur naturally, or metals in groundwater supplies or from other human activities, as we touched on earlier. It should be tested and monitored routinely for metals, such as copper, chromium, lead, and nickel, among others, but generally, whether your water supply is through the city, community, or well water, you should consider testing. It is up to the owner to schedule annual water quality testing if you own a well since privately owned wells are not tested and monitored by the water supplier. Within your drinking water, below we would like to share ingesting some of the common metals that can affect your health.

Heavy Metals in Water

1) Magnesium. Magnesium can be easily expelled in healthy adults from out of the body which often coincides with water that is also rich in calcium. When ingesting magnesium, those people with malfunctioning kidneys may experience confusion and muscle weakness, however.
2) Lead. Leading ingested in water can result in the long-term health effects and is particularly dangerous to young children. Brain damage and kidney problems are common effects. Symptoms such as stomach pain, constipation, and fatigue also manifest if lead is present in your water as short-term effects.
3) Aluminum. Although the link between nervous disorders and aluminum toxicity has not been proven, there are currently a number of studies being done on the topic.
4) Calcium. On the body, calcium has more positive effects. It can help prevent cardiovascular disorders in addition to osteoporosis whenever the calcium is present in water.
5) Arsenic. Often used in several pesticides, arsenic found in nature, this metal is found in groundwater. Though it can pose a concern, you would need to test for this metal in water as arsenic is odorless and tasteless. Arsenic poisoning has several health effects that can include depression, nausea, fatigue, hair loss, and weight loss.

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No matter if it regulated by the city, or its your own well water, metal is not the only thing that can be contaminated your water supply. It is ideal that you test your water annually to ensure it is safe with the many different potential elements in your water. If you will benefit from water purification systems and / or water softener systems, the water test can tell you also. With AAA Water Team, in any case, your Florida home water supply is in good hands. Our experts can test your water and recommend any needed water systems. Our professionals can provide efficient installation and be readily available when you need us, if you want to take advantage of the water system. Call us today to schedule your water test.

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