Watering Indoor House Plants in Naples, FL; Tap Water Can Have Chlorine so Filtered is Best!

When you want to spruce up your house and you want to add some nature to it a house plant is a great option. There are tons of house plants that can be used in a home safely and help with the reduction of allergens in the air as well as add some beauty. You want to research about the plants you choose to do so that you know the best way to water, care for and how much sunlight should be given. It is also a good idea to learn what type of container or pot they should be in to give them the best option. The way that you care for the plant will ensure that it is able to grow as well as how long it will last in your house. The one thing about a plant is that it needs two specific things. The first is that it will need sunlight and the other is of course water. If you have never thought about the water that you are using then you should learn a bit more.

AAA Water Team Outlines Why It’s Best to Use Filtered Water on Your House Plants

How Long to Let Tap Water Sit Before Watering Plants?: The very quickest way to water your plants everyday is to fill up the water container with the water from your sink. If you don’t have any filter system on the sink you are potentially damaging your plants. The water has tons of chemicals, sediment and minerals that can actually be bad for the plant and cause them to die. The minerals and sediment will get in the soil that will then get into the plant. If you do use tap water, you will want to let it sit for 24 hours for the fluoride and chlorine to dissipate but you really want to avoid it and use filtered water if possible.
Tap Water Can Have Chlorine: One of the very damaging items that can be in your water from the city that runs through your tap is chlorine. There are many ways that a city or county may be cleaning the water before it comes to your house. Many of them will use chlorine which is a great way to kill off organisms that might be in the water. The chlorine is a terrible additive that can kill your plants.
How to Fix Hard Water for Plants: There are some places that have water that is full of sediment and that is what leads to hard water. When you wash your dishes and see spots on them it means that you have hard water. If your shower doors are covered in dusty looking messes it is a sign that there is hard water in your house. The same sediment that is causing the spots are also causing damage to your plants as well. The solution to this is a water softening system.

Whole Home Water Filtration & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

You want to do what you can to use filtered water when you water your house plants. You can have a whole home water filtration system. This allows you to get filtered water in each and every sink in the house.AAA Water Team can come out and set up a plan to set up a whole home water filtration system. You can call us today to make your next appointment.

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