What is the Difference Between Filtered, Spring, Purified & Distilled Drinking Water in Lehigh Acres, FL?

When you walk down the aisle of the grocery store or you go to a convenience store you are going to see many different types of bottled water that you can choose from. Maybe you have your favorite brand or a bottle style that you prefer but what do you really know about the process of the water that you are choosing to drink. It may surprise you to learn, more about what all the types are and what may be best for you. AAA Water Team believes it’s important to be educated about the water your family drinks. Call us to learn more about what water is right for you!

AAA Water Team Lists The Best & Healthiest Bottled Water Choices to Drink & How Each One Is Prepared

Pros to Spring Water: You may be under the impression that when you purchase spring water you are getting water straight from a spring and is 100% pure. That is not true although most of the companies that offer this kind of water may want you to think so. The water is 100% from the spring but that does not mean that there are less impurities in the water. The spring water is fairly comparable to the impurities that are found in tap water. The water that comes from springs end up in rivers and lakes that then feed your tap water. Therefore you may not be getting the clean water that you thought.
Purified Water to Drink: If you are going for a bottle of water that says it has been purified you are getting a bottle of water that is cleaner and has less impurities than that of bottled spring water. This kind of water is treated and has to have a very low level of impurities to allow it to be called purified. The water is treated either by filtering or chemicals to get it to an acceptable level. The origin of the water can be from any source including standard tap water. The difference is that the water is taken and treated which will give the water a cleaner taste.
Health Benefits of Distilled Water: If you are buying bottles of distilled water you are getting water that has been treated with high heat. The water is basically heated to an extreme temperature until the water is turned to steam and is captured as it liquefies. The water is then bottled and has all the metals and other impurities boiled out of it.
Filtered Water Advantages: This is a great option for bottled water or a system to have installed in your home. The water is taken from any source including tap water and filtered. This is usually a series of mesh, charcoal, and carbon filters. This process will remove the impurities including the chlorine that is found often in water. When you have a filtered system installed in your home you can then bottle your own water and save money on purchasing thousands of water bottles a year.

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