What are Some Hard Water Problems in Fort Myers FL? Calling AAA Water Team for a Water Softener System is the Solution!

Water is water right? Purified, sanitized, hard, soft, filtered. Among so many other water treatments, there is just so much information to sort through when contemplating what water system is right for you. You are constantly exposed to the great benefits soft water can bring you. But do you know what the issues are with hard water?

AAA Water Team would like to educate you on why there is so much debate on needing to ditch the hard water, and invest in a water softener system.

Soft Water is Better For Personal Hygiene

Hard water leaves a sticky residue behind from soaps and shampoos, known as soap curd. When left to fester on your skin it hinders it from being able to reach the proper acidic PH balance. When that happens; itchy, redness, flaky and ashy skin appear. When the soap curd is left to reside in your hair, that is what is making your hair act limp, dry and unmanageable. Not to mention those that frequent the salon for your expensive hair coloring jobs; hard water will strip more color away as opposed to soft water.

Hard Water Can Cause Problems When Cleaning Your Home or Office

I hope you are sitting down. Volumes could be written on what hard water is doing to your cleaning regiment, but for time sake, we will keep it brief.
Hard Water on Laundry: The minerals derived from hard water; deposit minerals, can build up over time, leaving your favorite shirt and jeans looking faded, dingy, and ready for early retirement. The mineral and salt deposits left behind from hard water are literally deteriorating your clothes fibers.
Hard Water Dishes Film: Another thing salt and mineral deposits are responsible for is adding blemishes to your dishes. Even washed in the dishwasher, the water spots, foggy and filmy deposits are preventing your dishes from looking crystal clear and clean.
Hard Water Stains on Sinks, Tubs & Showers: The sinks, tubs and showers, along with the faucets are in greater turmoil with constant exposure to hard water. Deposits crust over faucets, or filmy and spotty hard water spots are giving your clean bathroom a look of aging and dullness.
Effect of Hard Water on Appliances: Appliances that are in need of water to function takes a big hit with mineral deposits building up. Your appliances could be just another possession forced into early retirement, or in need of constant repair. When parts are infected with hard water debris, it puts strain on the moving parts, making your appliance malfunction.
Hard Water Spots on Windows: Windows are only in turmoil if you have a sprinkler system set too close to your windows. Constant water spots and of course the hard water mineral deposit, could lend to windows fogging up. f left unattended for too long, the windows will not be able to be saved, leaving you with costly replacements.

Your Plumbing System Can Be Damaged By Hard Water
With the added disintegrating element of hard water, your piping systems might not work to optimal efficiency; costing you more on utility bills and contributing to early repairs.

What is the Hard Water Build Up Called

Limescale is generally found in the appliances, water heaters, refrigerators, coffee makers, dishwashers washing machines; and the list can go on and on. When the limescale is continuing to crust over, it is putting an extra strain on your appliances, as mentioned before, but it is also adding to further exposure to these minerals in your water.

Allow the experts at AAA Water Team in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres, Florida determine what’s best for you and your water softening needs. Call us today for your consultation.

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