Why do Drinking Water Quality Standards Matter in Cape Coral Florida

We all know the importance of drinking water everyday to replace what it is that our body uses. There is also the advice that each adult should drink about eight glasses of water a day. However, there is not an amount that is appropriate for everyone as a whole. The amount of water that you need to stay hydrated has a lot to do with the amount of activity that you do and the weight and size that you are. If you are exerting yourself more, then you need to have more water than a person that is just sitting at an office job. The more important question to ask yourself is; is the quality of the water you drink important?

Water Pollution Facts

Why is it important? If you think about the amount of water that is actually a part of your body it will start to make sense. If you are drinking water to replace what you lost then you want to be sure that the water is not contaminated. You are rehydrating your brain and other organs with the quality of water that you are drinking. If you are drinking water that is contaminated then you could be making yourself sick.

What’s in Tap Water?

What about the tap water? The problem with using the water that comes from the tap is that you have no way of knowing what additives are being put in it. The government adds things such as fluoride to the water source because they believe it is good for the people. If you use the water from the tap you are getting whatever contaminates are in it and whatever additives are in it as well.

Water Options

If you want to know what options there are, you could consult with a water treatment company such as AAA Water Team. We can offer our quality products and services for safe and good quality water to your home that you can use for drinking and for cooking. This can ensure that you are getting the quality water that you want and not the quality that someone else chooses for you. We can install a whole home water filtration system that will work on all the faucets of your home. This is easier than trying to move large bottles of water or going through hundreds of small bottles a year.

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Lehigh Acres FL

If you are ready to have good quality water system installed in your home call AAA Water Team today!

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