Why is Hydration Important in Fort Myers Beach, FL? How to Test for Dehydration & Increase Water Intake

One thing that everyone seems to say is that you need to get enough water to drink every day. The eight glass a day rule is still thought to be true but in reality it all depends on who you are. The amount of water that you need can be different year to year as well as day to day. You want to take into account age, weight, physical activity and the weather outside. We also know that water is key to survival and that if you are deprived water and hydration, your body will not survive. It is a good idea to know what the water is doing for your body and why you need to have it. The other thing that you need to know is that you want to ensure that you are getting good filtered water. This is the best way to get water that is free from all the contaminants that could be damaging to you. You can use a water filtration system in your home to ensure that any time of day you have access to good, clean filtered water.

AAA Water Team Outlines the Importance of Staying Hydrated

How Much Water is in the Human Body?: When it comes to the human body the presence of water is a huge part and is extremely important. If you are without water and hydration for more than three days it can lead to death. The amount of water that you have in your body will actually differ through the years. A baby that is still under a year has close to 80% of water in the body while someone that has reached their elderly years has closer to 50%. The interesting thing is that the water in a body even in the later years is still half of the body. The organs and other parts of your body do not work right and some not at all if you are under hydrated.
How Do You Test for Dehydration?: You can do a few tests to see if you are low on water and hydration. If you notice you are feeling actually parched and thirsty you are dehydrated. You should try and prevent this feeling by keeping up on how much water you drink. You also can check your urine output. The color of your urine actually tells a lot about the amount of water you are getting. The darker the color the lower you are on hydration. The lighter it is the better you are including if your urine is closer to clear. You can also look at your skin and pinch a small amount on the top of your hand. If it springs back quickly you are doing okay but if it stays the shape of the pinch you need to move up the amount of water you are taking in.
Is Your BMI Affected By Water Intake: The amount of water that your body takes in and holds is different if you are overweight or if you are muscular. The more muscle mass that you have the more water that you need and the more your body will retain. If you have more body fat it will hold less water because fat does not have a high water content.

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