3 Steps of Reverse Osmosis System in Pine Island Center, FL; Pre Filtration, Membrane & Polishing Maintenance

One of the things you want to make sure you have on hand to keep your family safe and healthy is good drinking water. This is something that through the pandemic most people have prioritized and realized we all need to be better prepared in general. You want to make sure you have a good plan on how to get food, water and for some reason toilet paper. Out of these things one of them is life saving and is a major necessity to continue with life. We are talking about water. Water is something that when things start to go downhill people are looking to get more of. Water is also something you want to be able to take with you if you are forced to flee your home. You also might have to stay at home like we are now and still find a way to get water. Water is hard to get from the store because it is a hot commodity but also because it is big and bulky. That is why now is the time to make sure you have a good water source at your home. A reverse osmosis system may be the right system for you. AAA Water Team outlines what a reverse osmosis system does for your home.

Pre Filtration for RO System

There are parts of the system that need to be protected when it comes to a reverse osmosis. The soft membrane is protected in part by the pre-filtration step. This is the step that is necessary to reduce the amount of sediment that is usually found in your tap water. This step in the filter is called the carbon layer and is the part that is there to catch some of the larger sediment, solids and it will even reduce the chlorine that might be in the water. This is a very highly important part of the reverse osmosis and should be set up properly to protect the membrane.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement

The next step that is taken when you have a reverse osmosis system in your house is called the membrane. This is the membrane that is second due to the fact that it has been protected with step one. The membrane is a softer layer that can become clogged and damaged if it is not protected. The membrane needs to be replaced and cleaned out on a regular basis. The other aspect of this step is that the membrane is not going to let much through and that is how you are getting a great tasting cup of water.

Polishing Maintenance for Reverse Osmosis

The last step that is taken when your water goes through reverse osmosis is called the polishing or the finishing step. This is usually another carbon filter that your water goes through to make sure that any sediment and other contaminants are removed from the water before it hits your cup.

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