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One of the hottest topics that people are concerned about is water bottles. The water bottles are a huge problem for landfills because the plastic will not decompose. The plastic can be recycled and that is a step in the right direction. The problem is that many people don’t actually recycle leaving all their bottles in the garbage can. With the problem with such a topic of discussion is that there are people out there that are doing what they can to help. The sales for reusable water bottles have increased for people that are trying to be more conscience of their water bottle use. People seem to have some great ideas and one of them is a water blob that is making it’s way across social media. The inventors believe that this Ooho Water blob could be the answer to many of the drinking water problems across the planet.

AAA Water Team Explains What An Ooho Water Blob Is & How It Is Helping In The Fight Against Plastic Water Bottles

What Is An Ooho Water Blob: Three Spanish inventors think they have the answer to the overuse of disposable water bottles. They worked on a way to encapsulate water so that you can grab and go without having to take any container with you. The Ooho water blob is the key. They found a way to use a gelatinous casing to hold the water until you are ready to drink it. The casing is edible and is made from a brown algae and calcium chloride. When these are put together there is a perfectly clear casing that can be filled with water until you are ready to drink.
How Do You Use The Ooho Water Blob: The water blob is a small bite sized blob that can be kept on hand until you are ready to use it. If you want to pierce the casing and spill the water in your mouth you can do that. The casing is biodegradable and can break down very easily. If you are adventurous and wouldn’t mind a bite to eat as well you can chew the entire thing. Eat the casing and get a nice burst of clean drinking water at the same time. These blobs are a quick and easy way to get a drink without having any plastic or other bottle to carry along with you.
Ooho Water Blob is an Alternative to Plastic: Not only can these little blobs be used as a quick way to get a drink but there are other scenarios that they are perfect. If you have ever watched a marathon the runners have tables set up along the path that is covered in a quick drink of water. The water is usually kept in a cup that then turns to litter on the ground. These Ooho water blobs are a great options to have on the tables. The runner can stick one in their mouth and continue on their path. Then there are not cups to clean up after the run is over. It is also a great way for moms to have a drink when they are out with kids and don’t have time to stop.
Until these amazing drinking water options are open to the masses you can always get good drinking water with a filter system in your home.

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