How Whole House Iron Filters Work in Cape Coral, FL; Water Pre-Treatment, Filtration, Purification & Backwash Stages

Iron Filter Systems are easily one of the most misunderstood water filtration systems for homeowners. Most people often hear that filter systems are designed to remove particles and contaminants such as iron in your drinking water. Due to this confusion AAA Water Team would like to explain how a proper iron filtration system works. In so doing, we can help you purify the water throughout your entire home. We will also tell you why, if you don’t currently use one, you may want to consider having an iron filter installed in your home.

How an Iron Filter Works

Iron filters use a three step process. Step one is the pre-treatment of your water. Step two is the actual filtration and step three is the backwash. AAA Water Team will break down each step to provide better understanding to the customer and how an iron filters works.

Step One: Water Pretreatment Process

The first step is pretreatment or a step technically known as Oxidation. This involves using an oxidant which makes contaminants within the water settle to precipitate and eventually filter out. This is done by bringing the contaminants together which in turn makes large clumps so they become easier to remove or strain out. During the pre-treatment step the filter takes air, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or ozone and injects them into the water to assist in the first step.

Step Two: Water Filtration & Purification

The second step in the filtration system is filtering out all contaminants. In this step it is important that the water flow down correctly. The water flow is what will capture all of contaminants so it needs to flow slowly. This process is most important while the first step of the pre-treatment clumps all contaminants together in larger chunks. If the water is filtered through the system too quickly during the second step, contaminants will break apart and pass through the filtration step. So during the filtration the water flow is controlled to prevent contaminates breaking up and re-infecting your tap water.

Step Three: Backwash Stage

The final step of the iron filters system is the backwash stage. Once all contaminants have been captured by the filter, the filter will now be full of the sludge that was in your tap water. The iron filters uses a backwash where the water reverses the flow of water with force which in turn cleans the filter. Eventually the filter will need to be replaced because over time more and more contaminants will corrode the filter.

Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Filters Water Filtration Systems in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

There are iron filter systems that combine the first two steps together. Also be aware that the size of the iron filter you require will depend on your water usage and needs. Iron filters are used to clean water throughout your entire home. AAA Water Team is dedicated to bringing residential and commercial owners clean and pure water. We provide iron filters along with several other methods of purifying tap water that will help save our customers time and money. With basic water testing we can discover what contaminants may be in your water and we can help provide the best water treatment for you. If you need to clean or soften your water, contact AAA Water Team and we can supply you with clean water today.

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