Am I Drinking Enough Water in Pelican Bay, FL? How Do I Know if I’m Hydrated Enough?

If you think about the way that a body is able to keep us going the amount of work that is does can be staggering. It has to be able to allow you to function at full speed doing several things at once. The only way that it is able to do all the things that we intend to is to take care of it. The body is made up of mostly water and that means you need to be sure it is replenished to keep it going. The best way you can do that is to drink water often. This is something that you can get in the habit of by carrying a refillable container with you. You can also give yourself a goal to reach each day. The amount of water that you need to drink is not the same for everyone. You need to take into account the gender, height, weight and of course activity level. Then make a plan on how you can accomplish this goal. You also should know how to tell that your body is asking for more water.

AAA Water Team Lists Signs of Dehydration

Extreme Tiredness: Does it seem like you don’t have enough energy to get through your normal day? Are you starting to get tired or fatigued halfway through the day? This is not due to lack of coffee or other stimulants. Instead of going for another cup of coffee or energy drink try getting a tall glass of water. If your body is tired before bedtime you are surely lacking in water. The organs are being deprived of the water that they need to function. That will cause them to work slower to conserve on the water that you are getting. That is why you feel tired. If you are having an decrease in your energy grab some good filtered drinking water.
Dehydration Headache: When it comes to headaches it seems they are not too far and in between. They are a normal daily occurrence for many people and those that suffer from migraines have it the worst. The headache is the body’s way of saying that there is a problem just like other forms of pain. When it comes to headaches they can be from an illness but often can be cured with the increase in water. If you think that you are having headaches that are not from an illness it best to start with increasing how much water you are drinking.
Dry & Chapped Lips: Another major sign that you need to have more water in your daily diet is the presence of dry lips. Just like the skin on your body they should be well moistened. If they are not then that means that your body is not able to keep up with the amount of moisture it needs and is giving the moisture to your vital organs instead. If you are suffering from dry lips often then drink more water.

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