Benefits of Drinking Hot Filtered Water VS Cold in Lehigh Acres, FL; Flushes Out Toxins, Clear Nasal Passages & More!

When you go for a tall glass of water you want it nice and cool and refreshing. This is a great way to feel refreshed especially on a hot day. You always want to have a good tasting glass of water and that means you won’t be drinking your tap water. Tap water is not treated well. It is ok for some things like cleaning or cooking but when you want pure, clean water you turn to other options. Most people want to have a clean purified drink with no taste or odor. You can use a filtered system that can be installed in your home to use whenever you want a drink. One great thing is that you don’t need to buy extra bottles and you can refill your reusable bottles as much as you like. Although a cold drink of water is just want you want on a hot day, there are some wonderful benefits to drinking an occasional hot glass of water as well.

AAA Water Team lists some facts and benefits of drinking a glass of hot, filtered water a few times a week.

How Hot Should The Water Be: You want to judge the temperature of your water so that you are not burning yourself. You want to have it hot enough that it makes you start to sweat but not burn the inside of your mouth. It is a great idea to drink this hot or warm water twice a week.
Use Filtered Water: If you want to use this method for the health benefits you want to heat the water up from a filtered water source. You don’t want to turn the tap on to the hot setting and drink that. It is best to heat up a cup full of filtered water for this purpose.
Flushes Out Toxins: When you drink warmed up or hot water you are healing to remove the toxins that run in your blood stream. The warmed up water will make the internal temperature of your body increase. The perspiration and increased temperature will help to push the blood in your body faster and can reduce the amount of toxins.
Clear Out Nasal Cavities: When you are sick and feeling stuffy you probably go to the cupboard and get a hot tea. This is a great way to help clear out your nasal passage. The same thing happens when you drink a nice cup of warmed up water. The vapor from the water will help to clear up the nasal passage and make it easier to breath. You may think you would rather drink a hot coffee or tea but water is better because it gives you the same benefits without dehydrating you in the process.

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