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The list of health benefits for consuming water is extensive, and many of these benefits actually aid in the function of vital components within our bodies. Our bodies require water daily and when we don’t drink enough our bodies will temporarily adapt, at least for a short period of time. Once we begin to experience mild dehydration our bodies react to the loss of water in the form of headache and fatigue.

The top 10 benefits of drinking water daily include:

1. Providing energy to the body in the form of water can significantly reduce fatigue.
2. Aides in digestion by breaking down food particles to help the digestion process along with your metabolism.
3. Transports and aids in detoxification including circulation of blood and elimination of toxins.
4. Enhances immunity and helps to prevent disease by improving the health of vital organs.
5. Lubricates joints by helping to remove the accumulation of acid waste including uric acid.
6. The human brain is 85% water. Water ensures that the brain receives the electrical energy needed for brain functions.
7. Improves circulation and heart health by removing toxins and deposits from arteries.
8. Keeping skin and eyes healthy by providing lubrication which can help prevent glaucoma.
9. Helps normalize hormones by helping to regulate hormone production in the body.
10. Improves sleep and reduces stress by helping to reduce anxiety levels.

What Would Happen if We Didn’t Drink Water?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped drinking water? Are you aware that almost 60% of your body is made up of water? Three-quarters of your brain and heart are made composed of water along with 83% of your lungs. Water lubricates your bones and joints, regulates your core temperature and provides nourishment to your brain and spinal cord. When you don’t drink enough water, your body loses energy, your blood pressure drops and your skin and lips become dry. Over a period of time, not drinking enough water can lead to health issues including weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatigue, constipation and other digestive issues. Many of us are guilty of getting busy during the day and never even realizing how dehydrated we have become.

Dehydration Effects

When your body experiences dehydration, the sensory receptors in your brain’s hypothalamus (the area referred to as the thirst center) send a signal to your brain to release an antidiuretic hormone. Once this hormone reaches your kidneys it will trigger chemicals called aquaporins, which allows your blood to hold onto more water, which means less water is able to leave your body. This is what causes your urine to be darker in color when you use the bathroom. Did you know that your brain can shrink in size due to a lack of water? If you stop drinking water completely your body will suffer extreme side effects and eventually you will die.

How Much Water Should You Drink in a Day?

According to research, the amount depends on your size and weight along with your activity level. A good rule of thumb is to drink between half ounce and one ounce per body weight. Even if you increase your water intake by as little as one to three cups per day, you could increase your ability to keep up with a healthy eating plan. Increasing your water intake helps to maintain your weight and decrease the amount of calories you consume along with other added benefits such as staying energized, focused and helping to prevent disease.

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