Benefits of Soft Water in Gateway, FL; Clean Skin & Hair, Maintain Fluid Balance & More

Over the years you have probably heard people talk about soft and hard water. If you are like most people you do not fully understand the differences between soft water and hard water. Wikipedia defines soft water as “surface water that contains low concentrations of ions and in particular is low in ions and calcium and magnesium.” Soft water can occur naturally or can be produced by a water softener. In contrast hard water is water that has a high mineral content. There are many benefits of installing a water softener in your home. Today AAA Water Team is going to go over some of the top benefits of soft water.

Benefits of Soft Water on Skin

One of the benefits that many of our customers are most excited about is that soft water is excellent for your skin. Soft water helps your skin stay healthier than hard water. Hard water has high mineral concentration that makes it harder for your skin to stay hydrated. When your skin is not properly hydrated it loses elasticity. Low elasticity leads to wrinkles, dry skin, and eczema. Having soft water will help prevent these problems.

Soft Water for Cleaner Hair

In addition to helping your skin stay healthy there are also benefits for your hair. When you use hard water the minerals in the water make it harder for your shampoo to foam. This lack in foam will make your hair dull and increase the risk of getting dandruff. Using soft water will allow your shampoo to foam as it is intended to. When your shampoo is able to work properly it will make your hair healthier and shinier.

Harmful Effects of Hard Water

The next benefit that we are going to discuss is the dangers of using hard water. Hard water can cause water borne illnesses, stunted growth, reproduction problems, increased risk of cardiovascular problems, and mineral imbalance. Hard water is also known to clog pipes much more frequently than soft water. You can reduce the risk of running into these problems if you use soft water.

Hard Water Calcium & Mineral Imbalance

Our bodies function best when we have the correct mineral balance in our bodies. Hard water is more likely to cause mineral and chemical buildup in your body. As mentioned above soft water lowers the mineral content in the water. The lower mineral content is definitely better for your body. One issue with hard water is that it can have lead in it. Lead is associated with slower mental and physical development in children. No one wants to have their children’s development impaired.

Soft Water Help Your Muscle Cells Maintain the Correct Fluid Balance

The last benefit of soft water that we want to talk about is another one that we think you will find particularly interesting. In a world where we run faster than ever before we are all trying to do our best to keep our energy up. Soft water will help your muscle cells maintain the correct fluid balance. When your fluid levels are balanced you will have more energy and be more alert. This will help you get all of the things accomplished each and every day.

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