Commercial Water Filtration System to Avoid Water Cooler Dispenser Health Risks in Three Oaks, FL

The day in and day out of getting up, getting ready and heading into the office is something that millions of people do each and every day. An office job is the backbone of many industries and is necessary for us all to continue to enjoy the benefits of them. An office is a place that you spend a lot of your time and many people consider that their home away from home. The people and environment should be one that you can feel happy and secure in. They are the things that you will see for a minimum of 40 hours each and every week if not more. Another aspect of office life that you will have to be a part of is food and drinks. You will be there for a meal each week and you will also want to stay hydrated. Most offices and commercial spaces have a kitchen that is to be used to prepare and eat your meal. Many of them also have a water cooler that is placed out so that you can fill your drinks. It may seem like a great idea but they are not getting you the fresh water that you deserve. AAA Water Team outlines why installing a water filtration systems in your commercial space is such a great idea.

Are Water Coolers Sanitary?

One of the most common things you will see in many offices is a water cooler. The water cooler is an outside unit that is brought in and a large water bottle is placed on the top. The water jug is filled usually at a company and then delivered to your office. It is sealed shut and the water that is in it is fresh and filtered. The problem is that you have to open the jug place it on top of the cooler and now all those contaminants that you want to keep out can get back in. Now you are giving water to your employees that can be full of things that you don’t want to be drinking. The other issue is that even if the jug was kept clear of debris the actual cooler can be a problem. All the parts of the cooler can start to get dirty and collect germs.

Commercial Water Filtration System

A better option that you have when you are trying to have good filtered water at your office is to use a water filtered system. Many people do not realize that you can stop using the large jugs of water on a cooler and instead have a filtered system installed. The system will be part of the office water throughout and that means good filtered water can be filled up from the faucet. You can rest assured that the water out of the tap has been cleaned and filtered just before getting in your cup or container.

Commercial Filtered Water in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

You want to make sure that your employees have easy access to water and good filtered water at that. The better they are about staying hydrated and fueled the better they will be able to work. You want to offer good water for drinking as well as making food on their lunch break. AAA Water Team can come to your office to set up a commercial water filter system. Call us today!

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