How Does Reverse Osmosis Work in Burnt Store Marina, FL? Pre Filtration, Membrane & More

If you are looking for a way to have good tasting and healthy drinking water there are some options for you. One is that you can go out to the store, load up on bulk water bottles and drag them into your house. This option will mean you are part of the plastic problem that our country currently has. You can also choose to drink water from the tap which is water that comes from a well or your city or county cleans for you. The issue with this option is that the water is treated and at a standard that the city deems okay but usually is not at the right level for you and your family. The treatment that they offer removes some of the contaminants but not enough that you have a good tasting glass of water. You can also choose to have your water sent through a reverse osmosis system at your own house and have pure water at any moment in the day. It is a good idea to know how the system works and what it can do for your drinking water. AAA Water Team outlines how a reverse osmosis system can benefit your house.

Step One – Pre Filtration Procedure

When you have a reverse osmosis system there are about three levels your water will go through before it comes out the tap. This is to ensure that you get the best tasting water that is free from debris and contamination. The first step is the pre filtration stage and this is very important to ensure that the second step is protected. The water that is coming from the main water source will have some larger pieces of debris and contamination that needs to be removed first. Another part of this level of filtration is that it will work on reducing the amount of chlorine that might be in the water as well. The first level is not enough to cleanse the water so that you are ready to drink it but it is a great start.

Step Two – Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Now that the water is sent through the filtration level it has to be pushed through the membrane. This is a reverse osmosis membrane that is semipermeable and will allow the water to pass through because of the size of the water molecules. The great thing is that the membrane is small enough that the size of the chlorine, calcium and many other molecules cannot make the pass. The membrane is also a great way to eliminate any bacteria in the water that might be making you and your family sick. There are also levels of metals that can be found in the water such as lead and copper that can leave your water tasting bad. The membrane has been proven to drastically reduce these and many other contaminants as well.

Step Three – Final Carbon Filter Polish

The last thing that you water has to pass through is a carbon filter that is the final polish that your water will need. The water is passed through this to catch any of the last things that might be left in the water. IT will give the water a clean taste and lets it in a tank so that it is ready to use when you need it.

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