Buying Bottled Water VS Filtering in Estero, FL; Waste & Negative Effects of Disposable Bottles on Environment & More

There has been a long standing debate about what the best drinking water is. For a long time people just used the water that the county or the city sent them through the tap. Come to find out that the debris and the contaminants that are in the tap water are not good for your health. It also means that the taste of the water is not the best either. This is why many people started to move towards bottled water. This is a quick and easy way to get a filtered drink of water. The water tastes better than unfiltered and they come in their own bottle that make it quite convenient. The fact is that there are hundreds of options when it comes to bottled water that you can choose from. Lastly people start to realize the error of their ways when it comes to plastic bottles. The other option is to have a filtered water system that is installed in your home. You want to make sure you understand what makes a filtered system a better option for your drinking water than bottled water. AAA Water Team outlines what you need to know about bottled water versus filtered water systems.

Negative Effects of Bottled Water on the Environment

One of the things that many people are becoming more and more concerned about is their impact on the environment. Most people want to make sure that they are not doing more than necessary to add pollution to the earth. One of the most common issues that the world has is from plastic. Plastic won’t break down like other materials and that means that it will linger around longer. This can mean that plastic is floating around the oceans and filling up the landfills. When it comes to the best option for drinking water, bottled water is not best. When you use bottled water you are throwing out a bottle after each use and that can be a problem. When you have a filtered water system you can fill your reusable bottles which is much better for the environment.

Ease of Whole House Water Filter

You might be thinking what is easier than running to the store and getting a bottle of water. You can grab one or you can grab a case and go about your day. This does seem to be easy and the bottled water industry wants you to believe that. The reality is that there is a place to get water that is even easier than that. What if all you had to do was walk over to the sink? You can when you get a filtered water system installed in your house. You don’t have to load in the car and drive anywhere. You don’t have to lug a heavy case of water and you don’t have to load them in your refrigerator to try and keep them cold.

Bottled Water Waste

How many times have you looked over and realized you have a bottle of water that is still half full. There are lots of times that you want water but maybe you don’t want a full bottle. Most people drink what they want and toss the rest of the bottle out. This is wasteful and the better option is to have a filtered water system. The system makes it so that you can fill up the amount that you want without too much wasted water.

Whole House Water Filtration System in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

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