Colors in Water Quality in Villas, FL; Why is My Water Brown, Orange, Blue Green, White or Other Color?

Color is found everywhere. Many people are fairly familiar with the color wheel and the thousands of colors that can be produced from the primary and secondary colors. Water often shows color, but the water is not colored itself, but instead reflects color based on the environment around it and particles within it, including the water in a pool, lake, pond, stream, river and ocean. With this in mind, you may ask yourself about the color of water that comes from your water or business tap and what it means. Though the color is left behind on your bathtub, faucets and even clothes that can determine the quality of your water, initially, the color of the water may look colorless when it comes out of the tap or in your washing machine. Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to touch on the colors of water that you can potentially experience, and what they likely indicate.

Blue Green Water

Due to low alkalinity, or low pH, in the water, a blue green stain is a sign of pipe erosion from copper deposits within your plumbing. It can also be coming from saltwater and a high content of chloride.

Green Water

When a blockage in a filter or other part of your water system builds up over time, naturally occurring microbes that can appear, which then produces the green colored stains that is from the algae created.

Rusty Brown Orange Water

The brownish orange staining on freshly-washed clothing, sinks and plumbing fixtures is caused from water with a high concentration of iron. Additionally, becoming an inky or black is another sign of iron is a metallic flavor or smell from the faucet water and/or your beverages, such a ta or coffee.

White Water

Actually, being a sign of hard water, the white residue in your bathtub, sink or dishes is from limescale. This chalky residue left behind is caused by dissolved minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, that is present in your water.

Black, Pink or Brown Water

Mold developing around wet environments can be suggested by the pink, brown, and black residues.

Water Colors that Should be Cause for Concern

Though you can buy cleaning supplies to remove the color stains around your sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, washing machines, dishwashers, and clothes, they will only eventually return if you do not have the water problem resolved and improve the quality of your water. To find out the specifics of your water supply troubles, you can contact a professional water expert, such AAA Water Team, to test your water and present you with the best water treatment solutions to ensure your water is clean, safe, and better to use. For example, the white crust that suggests hard water can be easily rectified with a soft water system, whole-house filtration systems can better clean and purify your water, and so forth.

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