Contaminated Water Quality in Cape Coral, FL & How to Test if Water is Safe to Drink; Fluoride, Lead & More

With drinking water a hot topic, many people wonder if the water they are drinking and using is safe. Water is an essential part of survival. People, animals and plants have to use water to hydrate themselves and to live. If water is not available, life cannot exist. The drinking water that is in your home comes from different sources. One can be a well that you use to source your drinking water from. The other is supplied through the city or county that you live in. They are responsible for treating the water and ensuring that it is safe for consumption. There is a list of acceptable contaminants that are allowed in the water but they should be at a level that is safe. With all that said most people want to know what they could be putting in their bodies. Water can be treated further at your homes level with an additional filtration installed.

AAA Water Team Lists Contaminants Commonly Found in Drinking Water

Fluoride in Water: This is a hot topic and has been for many years. Is fluoride in drinking water good or bad? The water you have in your home has the potential to have an additive in it called fluoride. This is the same fluoride that when you visit the dentist, they tell you to use when brushing and they even potentially treat your teeth with it. When added to your water supply there is no way to not have it even if you don’t want it. The problem is that the fluoride is usually added to the teeth directly; not ingested. There is not enough studies to show if the fluoride is potentially dangerous or if the benefits outweigh the risk.
Lead in Water: When people hear about lead in drinking water many people think about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The water there was reportedly full of toxins from the lead that has been eroding from the pipes. When the city or county treat the water, it is at the standard to drink but it can still collect contaminants on its way to your house. The pipes that it runs through could be releasing some of the toxins such as lead that people are worried about.
Biological Contaminants in Water: This is an area that is far more concerning when you think you are drinking a nice glass of water. The water has the potential to house biological contaminants such as organisms that live in the water. These can be a hazard to the person that is drinking it and it could make them ill. Others are pesticides or bacteria that come from human use. If the water comes in contact with the earth around it there is the potential that is has come in contact with animal and human waste. These are extremely dangerous and usually only occur when well water is concerned.
Minerals & Sediment: Another area that some people are concerned about is the amount of minerals that are in the water. The tap water comes first from the earth. It is then cleansed and treated before it gets to your house. The problem is that as it goes through the earth it is collecting sediment from the dirt and rocks. These can still be found in the water.

Water Filtration Systems In Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

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